$15 Billion Airdrop? That’s What Thailand’s Opposition Party is Promising

The Thailand opposition party has just announced a major airdrop of $15 billion worth of funds as part of its campaign promise. This move is expected to generate intense interest from citizens and investors alike, as it presents a unique opportunity for economic growth and development. The promise comes at a critical time when the country is struggling with economic instability brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. With this massive airdrop, the opposition party aims to revive the economy and win the support of voters in the upcoming elections. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!

Thailand’s Main Opposition Party Plans $15 Billion Airdrop to Boost Economy

Thailand’s main opposition party, Pheu Thai, has vowed to distribute a $15 billion airdrop as cash within months of winning the upcoming general election in May. The aid will aim to provide relief to citizens who have been struggling with “neck-deep debt” and help revive the nation’s dwindling economy.

As per a Bloomberg report, the opposition party has pledged to distribute 10,000 baht each to around 55 million citizens who are 16 years and above. The funds will be distributed with the help of digital wallets built on blockchain technology, enabling citizens to spend on goods and services in their respective neighborhoods.

Speaking about the plan, Prommin Lertsuridej, who leads the party’s economic policy committee, stated that the move would help resuscitate the economy, which has been battered over the last eight years. The opposition party has also promised to triple farm income and increase minimum wages steeply, along with a minimum monthly household income guarantee.

While crypto trading and adoption have gained immense popularity in Thailand, the ruling elite has been sending conflicting messages about the sector. Despite the government’s recent preparation of tax breaks and incentives for crypto firms issuing digital tokens, the ruling regime’s long-term policy regarding the crypto sector remains uncertain.

In conclusion, the $15 billion airdrop has the potential to provide much-needed relief to the struggling economy of Thailand while also providing a boost to the country’s adoption and use of blockchain technology. It remains to be seen whether the opposition party can successfully implement its plans if it wins the upcoming general election.

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