1inch Network embraces Base Unlocking new DeFi horizons

“1inch Network, the leading decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, has announced its partnership with Base Unlock, a cutting-edge innovation unlocking new horizons in DeFi. The collaboration seeks to expand the capabilities of the already robust 1inch Network, offering users an enhanced DeFi experience like never before. With this integration, 1inch Network strives to provide seamless access to advanced DeFi features and services, solidifying its position as a pioneer in the decentralized finance industry. Stay ahead of the curve with 1inch Network and Base Unlock as they explore new frontiers in DeFi innovation.”

The 1inch Network Expands into DeFi with Integration onto Base

The 1inch Network has made an exciting move in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space by integrating its 1inch Aggregation and Limit Order Protocols onto Base, a Layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution developed by Coinbase. This integration opens up new opportunities and possibilities for users, showcasing the network’s commitment to innovation.

Co-founder of the 1inch Network, Sergej Kunz, expressed his enthusiasm for this advancement. He also highlighted the potential of Base as a Layer-2 (L2) solution, noting its support from Coinbase. Kunz emphasized the shared goal of both 1inch Network and Base in bringing new users into the blockchain space, showcasing the alignment of their values.

Base, being an Ethereum Layer-2 solution, offers several advantages such as higher security, stability, and scalability for decentralized applications. What sets Base apart from similar solutions is its built-in Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which is cost-effective. Developers seeking a reliable foundation for their projects can benefit greatly from this technology.

The partnership between 1inch Network and Base also grants access to Coinbase’s wide range of products, providing users with straightforward ways to buy cryptocurrency. This collaboration allows projects hosted on Base to tap into Coinbase’s large user base, potentially expanding their reach and impact within the crypto community.

Base has experienced significant growth since its launch on August 9, attracting over 100,000 daily active users. This surge in adoption is evident from the increasing transaction volumes, which now rival those seen on well-known scaling solutions like Arbitrum and Optimism. The growing traction of Base further validates its potential and paves the way for even more developments in the future.

The integration of the 1inch Aggregation Protocol and Limit Order Protocol onto Base brings tangible benefits for users. They can now enjoy lower transaction fees and faster speeds, enhancing their overall experience. This improvement addresses the growing demand for simpler DeFi solutions and contributes to a more user-friendly ecosystem.

Furthermore, the 1inch Network on Base offers a wide selection of protocols, including Balancer v2, Uniswap v3, and SushiSwap v3. This diverse range of options ensures that users have access to a comprehensive DeFi experience, enabling them to choose the protocols that best suit their needs.

The partnership between the 1inch Network and Base signifies a dynamic force within the evolving DeFi landscape. By joining forces, they not only enhance the offerings available to users but also contribute to the overall goal of blockchain accessibility and adoption. The seamless integration of advanced protocols onto Base demonstrates the ongoing synergy between cutting-edge technology and user-centric solutions, propelling DeFi into new realms of innovation and accessibility.

In conclusion, the integration of the 1inch Aggregation and Limit Order Protocols onto Base is a significant step for the 1inch Network in the DeFi space. This collaboration with Base not only expands the network’s capabilities but also strengthens the broader narrative of blockchain accessibility and adoption. With lower fees, faster speeds, and a comprehensive range of protocols, users can expect a better DeFi experience on the 1inch Network on Base.

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