21Shares Delists Terra ETP, Terminates 5 Other Crypto ETPs Amid Low Investor Demand

21Shares, a leading provider of cryptocurrency exchange-traded products (ETPs), has delisted its Terra ETP and terminated five other crypto ETPs due to low investor demand. The move comes as the company reallocates its resources towards more popular crypto assets. The delisting and termination affect ETPs for dash, monero, stellar lumens, bitcoin cash, and ethereum classic. Despite these changes, 21Shares continues to offer a wide range of crypto-based products, including ETPs for bitcoin, ethereum, polkadot, and others.

21Shares plans to delist its Terra exchange-traded product (ETP) and five other cryptocurrency ETPs due to a lack of investor interest. Bloomberg reports that the affected ETPs will begin closing next month, despite being open for less than a year. The cumulative assets under control of the six ETP closures are less than $700,000. 21Shares aims to streamline its offerings and focus on more promising opportunities in the digital asset space. After delisting, the termination process begins, and the ETP’s assets are sold, with proceeds distributed to investors based on their holdings in the ETP. ETPs continue to be a popular investment vehicle for many investors due to their liquidity and diversification benefits.

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