91% of Salvadorans Approve the Reign of BTC-Loving President Bukele (Survey)

A recent survey shows that 91% of Salvadorans support their Bitcoin-loving President Bukele. This overwhelming approval rating reflects the government’s decision to adopt BTC as legal tender in the country, which has generated both national and international attention. The move has sparked a debate around the globe, with some countries considering following El Salvador’s lead. Despite opposition from some quarters, Bukele’s support remains high, reflecting a positive sentiment among the Salvadoran population regarding the innovative and forward-looking decision to embrace BTC.

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele is enjoying record-high approval ratings as per a recent survey conducted by La Prensa Grafica, a leading newspaper in the country. The survey showed that 91% of Salvadorans support Bukele’s administration, while less than 7% disapprove, and 2.1% did not respond to the question.

President Bukele, who took office in June 2019, has been known for his support for Bitcoin and his administration’s aggressive push to support the primary cryptocurrency in the country. In September 2021, El Salvador made history by becoming the first nation to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.

However, despite the high approval rating, not all Salvadorans are happy with his administration’s move towards BTC. Some have even labeled it as one of the biggest failures of his cabinet, citing an increase in prices and unemployment as issues that authorities need to address.

Nonetheless, there are benefits of the Bitcoin adoption that Salvadorans should consider as well. For one, the small nation has become highly popular and has boosted its tourism industry. President Bukele recently revealed that the country has become even more attractive to travelers, with tourism skyrocketing by 95%. He claimed that the multiple Bitcoin forays introduced by El Salvador are one factor behind the surge.

In addition, Bukele also stated that opening arms towards BTC has fixed the nation’s legacy. Prior to that, the country was notorious for being among the most violent in the world, reaching a peak of 103 killings per 100,000 residents a few years ago.

Overall, President Nayib Bukele’s record approval ratings indicate that he is well-liked by Salvadorans as their leader. The small nation’s Bitcoin adoption is one of his most talked-about achievements, even though there are hurdles that authorities need to iron out. Nevertheless, the benefits of opening up to BTC, such as boosting tourism and improving the country’s legacy, cannot be ignored.

Title 1: President Nayib Bukele sets record-high approval ratings
Title 2: The positive impact of Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador

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