99% Have Heard and 91% Are Ready to Invest

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Nigeria: A Leading Nation in Cryptocurrency Awareness

Nigeria has emerged as a global leader in cryptocurrency awareness, according to a recent study conducted by blockchain and Web3 software company Consensys. The study, which involved 15,158 participants from 15 countries, revealed that 99% of Nigerians have heard of cryptocurrencies, with 91% expressing their willingness to invest in this asset class.

The survey, which was conducted online from April 26 to May 18, 2023, included countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Argentina, France, India, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, the Philippines, and Nigeria. To ensure accurate representation of the national populations, Consensys and market research firm YouGov weighted the collected data based on gender and region.

One of the key findings of the study is that almost everyone in Nigeria is aware of cryptocurrencies, with four out of five Nigerians having a clear understanding of these assets. Many individuals in Nigeria view cryptocurrency as a viable alternative to traditional finance. Out of the 1001 survey participants aged between 18 and 65, approximately 58% believe that cryptocurrencies represent the future of money, while 48% see them as the future of digital ownership. Furthermore, 43% of respondents consider crypto as a means to engage in the global financial ecosystem, and 50% believe that the sector should be regulated and encouraged.

Regarding investment behavior, most Nigerians buy cryptocurrency to diversify their investment portfolio. Additionally, some individuals are drawn to the cryptocurrency market due to the instability of the country’s local currency, the Nigerian naira. The study reveals that the top-invested assets among past and current crypto owners in Nigeria include bitcoin, ether, BNB, DOGE, and Tether USDT.

Despite Nigeria’s high cryptocurrency awareness, the study points out a lack of understanding of Web3 technologies among the Nigerian population. Only 21% of respondents said they were very familiar with the concept of Web3. Notably, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse are the most familiar concepts within the Nigerian population.

This lack of Web3 awareness is not exclusive to Nigeria. Globally, only 8% of survey participants consider themselves very familiar with the concept, despite 92% being aware of cryptocurrencies. Consensys emphasizes that this disparity highlights a disconnect between public perceptions of Web3 and its potential solutions in areas such as digital ownership, privacy, and identity.

In conclusion, Nigeria stands out as a global leader in cryptocurrency awareness, with a vast majority of its population familiar with cryptocurrencies and expressing a willingness to invest. However, there is still room for improved understanding and awareness of Web3 technologies both in Nigeria and globally.

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