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Microsoft is investing in Wemade and Time & Space, with Time & Space receiving $20 million in strategic funding in September 2022 and Wemade acquiring $46 million in November 2022. Both companies have also announced a strategic partnership, which allows Wemade to use Space & Time’s suite of developer tools. Space & Time aims to combine on-chain and off-chain data sets in a trustless environment to help partners bring analytics and transactional data into a single warehouse.

The benefits of the partnership are expected to extend beyond Wemade, including faster transactions and enterprise-scale analytics. Web3 gaming, which incorporates NFTs and digital tokens to connect brands with their customers, is gaining momentum. As a result, partnerships like these are taking the segment forward in a positive way.

Wemade can leverage Space & Time’s suite of developer tools to process complex payout transactions, run tamperproof analytics, and reduce the cost of on-chain storage through data warehouses.

Both firms are backed by Microsoft, and the strategic partnership is expected to improve the experience of Web3 gaming. Wemix, a subsidiary of Wemade, plans to launch an Ethereum Layer 2 protocol through zero-knowledge-proof technology to enhance the blockchain infrastructure’s capabilities. The partnership with Space & Time strengthens their commitment to building an economy within the gaming ecosystem.

Space & Time and Wemade are confident in their partnership, which leverages the suite of developer tools to enhance the gaming experience for players.

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