Adidas and Pharrell Release Digital Clothing for Doodles NFT Holders

Adidas and Pharrell have collaborated to release a digital clothing collection for Doodles NFT holders. The unique fashion line includes designs inspired by Pharrell’s signature bright, playful style and Adidas’ iconic sportswear. The digital clothing can be used as a wearable asset in virtual worlds, social media, and gaming, creating a new avenue for self-expression and creativity. The collaboration aims to bridge the gap between fashion, music, and blockchain technology, offering a cutting-edge and accessible way to engage with NFTs. The release of the Adidas and Pharrell digital clothing collection is highly anticipated among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Doodles is expanding its range from Ethereum profile pictures (PFPs) to fully customizable avatars, thanks to the launch of their Character Builder, which allows NFT holders to customize their avatars’ features and apparel. And, with the aid of Adidas and Pharrell Williams, Doodles has taken a significant step forward.

Additionally, Doodles has announced an upcoming “Pharrell Pack” airdrop that includes digital apparel from Pharrell Williams and the fashion labels he either created or collaborated with, such as Adidas, Billionaire Boys Club (BBC), Human Made, and Ice Cream. Each pack contains digital wearables, as well as a token that can be exchanged for exclusive physical apparel. Doodles is offering the Pharrell Pack to only 300 Doodles holders who meet certain criteria; if more than 300 individuals qualify, a lottery will be held to choose the winners.

Joe Ranzenbach, the Head of Product Management at Doodles, stated that Doodles has a “pipeline of brand partners” lined up for future releases but didn’t say whether these brands would someday release standalone digital apparel or hold other collaborations with Doodles.

Doodles CEO Julian Holguin described Williams as “integral” to the project while at WebSummit last November. Williams has been linked to Doodles since June 2022 when he was named the startup’s Chief Brand Officer. At the time, Doodles revealed plans to unveil an NFT-inspired album, executive produced by Williams, on Columbia Records.

Doodles 2 Character Builder tool lets users customize their avatars and animated apparel with various customizations. Doodles 2 and its apparel are minted on the Flow blockchain, and when apparel is equipped on Doodles 2’s avatar, the avatar NFT technically “owns” the apparel assets at the blockchain level. This allows users to sell their fully-outfitted avatars as assembled, with all components bundled together.

The ability to trade Doodles avatars that amass unredeemed rewards in a play-to-earn game, for example, is made possible by this functionality, with all rewards bundled in. In addition, metaverse games and platforms are likely to follow suit and permit Doodles avatars after the Character Builder’s introduction.

Doodles is also planning to add more chains to its characters in the future, providing even more opportunities for use. Stay informed about the world of crypto by subscribing to our daily newsletter.

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