All about Crypto Assets Conference 2023 (CAC23B)

The Crypto Assets Conference 2023 (CAC23B) is an exclusive event that brings together industry experts, investors, and enthusiasts to delve into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With a focus on the latest trends, innovations, and investment opportunities in the crypto market, CAC23B offers a unique platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Attendees can expect a diverse range of keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions conducted by renowned speakers and thought leaders. Whether you are a seasoned investor, a budding entrepreneur, or simply curious about the future of digital assets, CAC23B promises to provide valuable insights and connections that can elevate your understanding and involvement in the crypto space. Join us at the Crypto Assets Conference 2023 for an immersive experience that can help shape the future of finance and technology.

Introducing the Crypto Assets Conference (CAC23B): Unveiling the Future of Digital Assets

In the ever-changing landscape of digital assets, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center is proud to announce the highly anticipated Crypto Assets Conference (CAC23B) taking place on October 17-18, 2023. With the rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the integration of DeFi in traditional banking, #CAC23B sets the stage for a future driven by innovation and exploration.

Unlocking the Potential of Web3 and Tokenization: Exploring the Limitless Applications of Blockchain

The unprecedented potential of Web3 in revolutionizing societal interactions and the transformative power of tokenization in redefining ownership are made possible through the limitless applications of blockchain technology. To delve deeper into these groundbreaking advancements, the Crypto Assets Conference (#CAC23B) brings together industry specialists, corporate pioneers, and visionary entrepreneurs to explore the world of cutting-edge DLT, blockchain, and crypto assets.

Key Highlights:

  • ????️ Event Dates: October 17-18, 2023
  • ???? Location: Frankfurt

Day 1 (Tuesday, October 17, 2023): A Glimpse into the Future of Digital Securities and Asset Management

Join us on the first day of the conference to explore various topics including digital securities, tokenization of assets, digital funds, asset management, infrastructure, custody, and digital finance. Get insights from industry experts and gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and developments in this rapidly evolving field.

Day 2 (Wednesday, October 18, 2023): Unlocking the Power of Bitcoin, DeFi, and NFTs

On the second day, dive into the world of Bitcoin, ETPs, ETFs, crypto indices, DeFi, Web3, NFTs, stablecoins, carbon tokenization (CO2), and ESG. Discover the innovative applications and potential of these digital assets, and gain valuable insights from industry leaders who are driving these transformative changes.

Europe’s Premier Digital Assets Conference: Where Thought Leaders and Enthusiasts Unite

With over 500 on-site participants and more than 5,000 online attendees, CAC23B stands as Europe’s leading digital assets conference. Expect thought-provoking talks, engaging debates, and insightful presentations from esteemed thought leaders who are spearheading the digital revolution.

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, the driving force behind #CAC23B, shares his vision for this year’s conference: “Our conference aims to bring together the best minds in blockchain, crypto, and DeFi from across Germany. It is truly exciting to witness participants not just exchanging ideas but also engaging in real business opportunities during the event.”

Embracing Knowledge Dissemination: The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center Academy

As a testament to its commitment to sharing knowledge, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center offers a curated repository of presentations, keynotes, and panel discussions on its YouTube channel and the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center Academy. Stay connected with the latest insights and developments in the blockchain and crypto world even after the conference concludes.

Join Us at the Forefront of the Digital Revolution: Secure Your Spot at #CAC23B

Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of the Crypto Assets Conference 2023 (#CAC23B), where the future of digital assets and the transformative power of blockchain become tangible. Reserve your spot today and discover more about this groundbreaking conference at

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