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Looking for all the details about the highly anticipated AFSIC 2023 event? Look no further! AFSIC, the Africa’s Financial Services and Investment Conference, is set to take place in 2023, bringing together top industry professionals and thought leaders from across the globe. This conference serves as a bridge between African financial institutions and international investors, providing a platform for networking, discussion, and collaboration.

Discover the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges in Africa’s financial services and investment sectors at AFSIC 2023. With a diverse range of topics covered, including banking, private equity, capital markets, fintech, and insurance, attendees can expect insightful panel discussions, expert speakers, interactive workshops, and invaluable networking opportunities.

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Title 1: FSD Africa’s Decade of Impact in Strengthening African Financial Markets
Title 2: Unlocking Africa’s Green Transition: Opportunities and Challenges

FSD Africa, a leading sponsor of AFSIC 2023, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary of making finance work for Africa’s future. With a team of 35 financial sector experts based in Nairobi, Kenya, FSD Africa has been driving large-scale change in financial markets across more than 30 countries in Africa. At AFSIC 2023, FSD Africa will host an afternoon of high-profile dialogue, featuring sessions that explore the role of carbon markets, finance for nature, and novel financing structures in Africa’s green transition.

Leveraging carbon markets for Africa’s green transition has the potential to generate billions of dollars for African countries by 2030. The recent auction of 2.2 million carbon credits in Nairobi demonstrated the significant demand and opportunity in the voluntary carbon market. However, challenges such as regulation, market integrity, pricing, and transaction costs must be addressed. To shed light on this topic, a fireside chat will be held with James Mwangi, a leading entrepreneur and expert in carbon mitigation and capture. The session will delve into the opportunities and challenges facing companies and investors interested in supporting Africa’s green transition.

Africa’s green future lies in unlocking capital for climate-positive growth. This requires substantial investment and innovative finance solutions across the continent. From small climate-tech start-ups to large sustainable infrastructure projects, mobilizing capital is crucial for achieving both climate targets and economic prosperity. In a TED talk-style session, experts from capital markets in Africa and globally will discuss how innovative approaches in finance can transform green growth and resilience in Africa. By fostering collaboration and unlocking capital, Africa can pave the way for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Another crucial aspect of Africa’s green transition is harnessing the power of finance for nature. High-level speakers from financial institutions and development organizations will present investable nature-positive opportunities and discuss the role of governance and frameworks like the TNFD as catalysts for investment in nature. The session will highlight the successes of financing for nature in Africa and provoke discussion on the real economy’s perspectives. By showcasing effective examples and enabling dialogue, the session aims to demonstrate the power of finance in driving nature conservation in Africa.

Africa faces significant challenges in financing its climate agenda, requiring novel financing structures to unlock resources. Traditional funding models are often insufficient for implementing ambitious climate projects across the continent. To overcome this, diverse financing approaches such as climate bonds, green bonds, carbon exchanges, and public-private partnerships have emerged. In a panel discussion, experts will explore innovative financing approaches, identify key success factors, discuss challenges, and emphasize the importance of collaboration and partnerships in mobilizing resources for African climate action.

In conclusion, FSD Africa’s 10-year anniversary celebration at AFSIC 2023 offers a platform to explore the various aspects of Africa’s green transition. From leveraging carbon markets and unlocking capital for climate-positive growth to harnessing the power of finance for nature conservation and adopting novel financing structures, the event showcases the immense potential of finance in driving Africa’s sustainable development. As FSD Africa continues its mission to make finance work for Africa’s future, AFSIC 2023 serves as a crucial milestone in accelerating Africa’s economic emergence and creating a prosperous and resilient future for the continent.

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