An easy login into Web3 apps

Web3 apps are decentralized applications that operate on blockchain technology to provide better security, transparency, and equal access to users worldwide. With an easy login process, Web3 apps offer a user-friendly experience, enabling users to access services and products without the need for complicated authentication or passwords. This convenience promotes mass adoption and encourages users to engage with Web3 apps, enhancing the ecosystem’s growth. Additionally, the decentralized nature of Web3 apps means that no central authority controls user data, promoting privacy protection and data ownership. In summary, Web3 apps offer a seamless and secure login process, enabling users to enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology.

Polygon Labs has partnered with Unstoppable Domains to launch .polygon Web3 domains. With the help of Unstoppable Domains, users can easily send NFTs and cryptocurrency, log into Web3 apps, and create decentralized websites. The .polygon domains will allow users to create fully-owned virtual identities and represent their support for Polygon. The platform provides users with access to a portable identity across various games, metaverses, and dApps. The VP of Growth Business Development at Polygon Labs, Sanket Shah, stated that the Web3 domains will help the Polygon community use a virtual identity they own completely, thus allowing them to log into DeFi apps and conduct crypto transactions without revealing any personal data. Unstoppable Domains, known for helping users create digital profiles, is offering a 25% discount on .polygon domains for 48 hours, with exclusive access to .polygon digit and gaming domains being released after the sale. The partnership aims to promote user-owned digital identity and Web3 ecosystem development, with the Polygon community showing great enthusiasm towards the initiative.

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