An initiative to add value within Web3 & Metaverse

Looking to add value and innovation within the exciting worlds of Web3 and Metaverse? Our new initiative is designed to do just that! With a focus on optimizing digital experiences, bridging the gap between decentralized technologies and traditional industries, and creating vibrant and engaging virtual communities, our team is dedicated to driving growth and adding value within these cutting-edge fields. Whether you’re a developer, designer, entrepreneur, or simply interested in exploring the possibilities of this exciting new landscape, we invite you to join us on this journey and help shape the future of Web3 and Metaverse together. Let’s create something incredible!

MultiversX is delighted to announce its mutually beneficial partnership with Tencent Cloud, a well-respected global technology company. The collaboration will leverage the MultiversX blockchain and its suite of products to explore new opportunities for value creation within the Web3 and metaverse ecosystems.

As a top global cloud company, Tencent Cloud is actively engaged in developing innovative solutions for real-time applications and digital transformation across smart industries. With a vast global framework, the company provides safe and reliable cloud products and services, including cloud computing, Big Data analytics, AI, IoT, and network security.

The blockchain has significant potential to enhance interactions globally, such as in finance, public administration, and digital identity. In response, MultiversX has created a new framework layer that is the first solution of its kind, capable of meeting global scale demand, being cost-effective like the internet, and delivering unique user experiences.

Tencent Cloud has been instrumental in providing technology solutions for Web3 endeavors, backing Web3 businesses, and developers involved in games, audio, and video. This partnership has become even more effective with MultiversX’s three strategic metaverse products: xPortal, xFabric, and xWorlds. Tencent Cloud stands to benefit significantly from MultiversX’s no-code interface for app positioning and blockchains, intuitive entry points, and a range of metaverse tools.

The 10,000 servers that make up the MultiversX network will benefit from a high-performing and reliable operating environment through Tencent Cloud’s framework services. In turn, Tencent Cloud will continue to explore ways to handle a validator code that can improve safety.

According to MultiversX CEO Benjamin Mincu, the company is excited to collaborate with Tencent Cloud and leverage its vast experience. For Lio Li, Vice President of Europe, Tencent Cloud International, supporting the Web3 community to adopt effective technology is a top priority.

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