Aptos announces support for Google Cloud’s Web3 Startup Program

Aptos, a leading retail technology solutions provider, has announced its support for Google Cloud’s Web3 Startup Program. This program aims to accelerate the development of decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain technology for web3 startups. Aptos’ participation in the program complements its ongoing commitment to innovation and providing cutting-edge technology solutions to the retail industry. With Google Cloud’s expertise and Aptos’ industry knowledge, this collaboration is poised to drive significant advancements in the adoption and implementation of blockchain technology in retail. The partnership allows Aptos to contribute to the growth of web3 startups and help them succeed through the development of innovative solutions.

Aptos and Google Cloud are teaming up to support web3 startups through Google Cloud’s new Startup program. As part of the collaboration, Aptos will extend its technical support and resources to emerging web3 projects, enabling these startups to develop their infrastructures and bridge platforms in order to foster web3.

Google Cloud has recently joined forces with 11 blockchain companies to establish its web3 Startup Program, which is an initiative aimed at bringing web3 to a mainstream audience. The tech giant approached the L1 blockchain to assist with this program’s implementation, and Aptos is one of the confirmed collaborators. Other companies partnering with Google include Alchemy, Celo, Base, Hedera, Flow, Near, Nansen, Solana, Thirdweb, and Polygon.

Google’s Startup Program is designed to help web3 projects establish their communities in their early stages, and it will facilitate the evolution of DeFi apps (dApps), web3 services, and more advanced technologies. With Aptos’ involvement, Google Cloud aims to provide emerging startups with the necessary tools to succeed in the web3 space.

Aptos has released a series of official tweets to inform its users about the collaboration with Google Cloud, and how the partnership will serve web3 startups. The L1 blockchain has committed to supporting the Startup Program through Google Cloud, believing it is pivotal for bridging the gap between web3 and web2. With the Startup Program, Aptos hopes to drive progress, innovation, and blockchain development for decades to come.

The partnership between Google Cloud and Aptos dates back to April 2022 when Aptos chose Google Cloud as its first cloud partner in testnet. The collaboration grew stronger as both companies co-hosted hackathons and produced nodes together. Now, they have created a multi-million dollar program for web3 builders and entrepreneurs that is expected to deliver results. The close relationship between the companies and their past successes bode well for the future of the collaboration.

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