Arbitrum Foundation launches DAO governance

The Arbitrum Foundation has launched its DAO governance, a decentralized autonomous organization that enables members to have a say in the platform’s decision-making process. This move will enable stakeholders to vote on critical issues such as fees, upgrades, and network proposals, giving them a more significant role in managing the project’s future direction. With the new DAO governance, the Arbitrum Foundation is demonstrating its commitment to decentralization and bringing in fresh perspectives from its community. This launch is a significant step forward in the development of the Arbitrum network, and it is expected to strengthen the project’s overall sustainability and long-term success.

The launch of DAO governance for both the Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova networks is a significant step towards decentralizing both networks, after a long period of trial and error. This development means that the DAO community will be in control of the next phase of the Arbitrum. Initially, the creation of Arbitrum was focused on building a secure and decentralized L2 that would eliminate all centralized points of chain control, enabling it to function without the need for trust. To achieve this, core technologies, such as fraud evidence, were necessary for security and decentralization.

Arbitrum was later upgraded to the Nitro stack, which led to the improvement of compression, reduced costs, and increased throughput. The Arbitrum DAO manages upgradeability, with the $ARB token playing a crucial role in distributing power to the community. The Arbitrum DAO also includes self-implementing features that are essential to decentralization. Although the Arbitrum Foundation has established the twelve-member multi-signature Arbitrum Security Council, the ultimate decision-making power rests with the Arbitrum DAO.

Developers can now deliver their own Layer 3 blockchain in the Arbitrum ecosystem through the Arbitrum Orbit in a straightforward and permissionless manner. They will receive free, perpetual licenses to exploit, modify, and personalize Arbitrum’s cutting-edge technology for their L3 chains.

Regarding the $ARB airdrop, $ARB tokens will be awarded to actual users of Arbitrum, with points given for using Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, and early usage. Users receiving three or more three points will qualify for the airdrop. For those who fail to pass the qualifying mark, tokens will be granted through a DAO airdrop. The Protocol Guild, comprising the prime developers and contributors of Ethereum, will support the DAO airdrop. The airdrop will disburse 12.75% of the significant Arbitrum token to the community.

In summary, the launch of the DAO governance for both networks represents a significant step towards the decentralization of the Arbitrum networks, granting the community control over its ecosystem and technology.

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