Artyfact declares collaboration with SDLC Corp

Artyfact, the renowned software development company, has announced a strategic collaboration with SDLC Corp, a leading technology services provider. The partnership comes as a significant move towards developing innovative and cutting-edge software solutions to meet the growing demands of clients worldwide. With a keen focus on customer satisfaction, the collaboration aims to combine expertise, resources, and knowledge to create creative and value-driven software products that cater to a wide range of industries. Artyfact and SDLC Corp plan to leverage their combined strengths to deliver quality solutions, improve business processes, and streamline operations. This partnership is set to usher in a new era of software development, where innovation and customer-centric approach take center stage.

Artyfact Partners with SDLC Corp for Blockchain Development and GameFi

Artyfact, a Web3 Metaverse game, has officially announced its partnership with SDLC Corp, a company actively involved in Blockchain and GameFi development for over five years. With this collaboration, SDLC Corp will take charge of the game’s section and blockchain development while also building NFTs. This partnership will enable Artyfact to utilize new-age technologies and gain exposure through SDLC Corp’s various development-based awards and reputation as a Top App Development Company for Startups in 2020.

Artyfact aims to become the first-ever metaverse that combines the highest form of AAA and Play-to-Earn, utilizing an innovative Play-and-Earn (PAE) economic module that prioritizes the gaming experience over earnings. The Artyfact community enjoys multiple AAA-level PAE games, enabling them to earn for themselves $ARTY and indulge in the purchasing and trading of NFTs, including avatars, weapon skins, virtual estate, clothes, and take part in virtual concerts, NFT exhibitions, runway shows, and many others.

The incorporation of PAE games is one of Artyfact’s significant features, with an array of Play-and-Earn multiplayer game modules catering to different types of players with diverse requirements. Through these games, gamers can earn $ARTY by defeating their opponents and competition. $ARTY is the conventional in-game and governance token belonging to the Artyfact ecosystem, which can be utilized for purchasing Artyfact game pieces (NFTs), governing Artyfact DAO, and obtaining rewards through participating in incorporated P2E games, as well as through staking $ARTY. All of the game pieces are NFTs, and virtual events are also organized for the benefit of gamers.

Artyfact also takes credit for cooperative gaming, event sponsorships, virtual merch creation, and many other features. Gamers who own virtual billboards in the Artyfact metaverse can make earnings through advertisements, which can be purchased or rented.

In conclusion, the partnership with SDLC Corp will enable Artyfact to realize its potential and bring out the best in the game with the utilization of new-age technologies and exposure, making it the ideal platform for gamers who want to earn while enjoying an exceptional gaming experience.

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