Bear Market ‘Much Worse Than Expected’: Analysts Pitch New Bitcoin Economy Framework

A recent article explores the current bear market and its impact on Bitcoin, suggesting that the situation is far worse than initially anticipated. Analysts propose a new framework for understanding the Bitcoin economy in light of these developments. Read more to gain insights into this evolving market landscape.

Title 1: Introducing Cointime Economics: A New Framework for Understanding Bitcoin Economy

In a market plagued by a prolonged bearish trend, a groundbreaking whitepaper has emerged, providing a fresh perspective on the Bitcoin economy. Released by David Puell, a research associate for ARK Invest, and James Check, the lead analyst for Glassnode, the whitepaper titled “Cointime Economics: A New Framework for Bitcoin On-chain Analysis” aims to revolutionize the understanding of Bitcoin’s economic realities.

Title 2: How Cointime Economics Offers a New Lens for Assessing the Bitcoin Market

The recently published whitepaper, co-authored by Puell and Check, introduces the concept of “Cointime Economics.” This innovative framework offers a toolkit for comprehending the true economic significance of Bitcoin and presents a new lens for evaluating the market. By analyzing Bitcoin from a time-based perspective, Cointime Economics deeply analyzes the movement and behavior of coins, providing valuable insights into the market’s dynamics.

The whitepaper explores the differences between the traditional Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) model and the newly proposed Cointime model. It introduces the notion of “coinblocks,” which measure the cumulative number of Bitcoin and blocks produced while the coins remain dormant. This concept allows for a more accurate assessment of the economic weight of Bitcoin and provides crucial insights into the actions of long-term holders and their potential impact on the market.

The authors also introduce two novel metrics for analyzing Bitcoin’s economic state: “Liveliness” and “Vaultedness.” Liveliness refers to the activity level of the network, measuring how often coins have been moved or “destroyed.” On the other hand, Vaultedness assesses the proportion of coins that remain stored or relatively inactive within the protocol. These metrics offer valuable indicators of the network’s health and investors’ sentiment.

Cointime Economics suggests that heavy coinblock destruction indicates that long-term holders are selling their Bitcoin. These “smart money” investors typically hold larger balances and generate higher profits due to their lower cost basis. By considering the economic importance of each Bitcoin through time, Cointime Economics provides a robust and consistent mathematical framework that enables a more comprehensive analysis of the market.

This new framework challenges the traditional UTXO analysis, which tends to be highly granular and requires complex data engineering. With Cointime Economics, anyone can calculate and replicate the analysis without proprietary data science. It offers both on-chain analysts and institutional investors a simpler yet highly informative model with higher signal quality.

In conclusion, Cointime Economics presents a revolutionary approach to understanding the Bitcoin economy. By considering the time-based behavior of coins and introducing innovative metrics, this framework provides valuable insights into the market’s dynamics, inflation rate, and network valuation. With its mathematical toolkit, Cointime Economics offers a deeper understanding of the supply and demand dynamics within the Bitcoin market, paving the way for more accurate economic and valuation models.

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