Ben Armstrong Apologizes to Crypto Community Amid Bitboy Drama, Hints at Comeback

Ben Armstrong, popularly known as Bitboy Crypto, has issued an apology to the cryptocurrency community following recent controversies. In a video shared on his YouTube channel, Armstrong expressed regret for his actions, stating that he had learned from his mistakes. He also hinted at a potential comeback, leaving crypto enthusiasts curious about what the future holds for him. Read on to discover more about his apology and the possibility of his return.

**Title 1: Bitboy Crypto Founder Ben Armstrong Releases Emotional Apology Video**

Bitboy Crypto founder, Ben Armstrong, has issued a heartfelt apology in a video shared on the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel after being ousted from the company. In the emotional video, Armstrong acknowledged his mistakes that led to his departure and expressed his determination to correct the situation. Despite the personal challenges he faced, Armstrong emphasized his commitment to working with the Hit Network team to save and grow the company.

Armstrong opened up about his struggles, admitting to using diet pills and steroids, which caused him to behave erratically. He adamantly denied accusations of returning to hard drug use, such as cocaine and methamphetamines. Additionally, he confessed to having an affair with an unnamed person, admitting that it contradicted his image as a family man. However, Armstrong’s wife, Bethany, appeared in the video, forgiving him for his actions and affirming her dedication to their relationship.

In the video, Armstrong shared his earnest desire to maintain the diverse brands under the Bitboy Crypto umbrella, including Voomio, Bit Boy Academy, Crucial Crypto, and Hit Network. Despite the current downturn in the market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), he expressed confidence in the potential of these brands, particularly Voomio’s ability to establish itself as a prominent platform for NFTs.

The departure of Armstrong from Bitboy Crypto generated significant shockwaves throughout the crypto community. Despite having legal options available, Armstrong chose to collaborate with the Bitboy team, prioritizing the preservation and growth of the company. The video aimed to communicate his dedication and willingness to cooperate with the Hit Network team to ensure the continuation of the Bitboy Crypto Channel.

**Title 2: Internal Conflict: Ben Armstrong’s Departure from Bitboy Crypto**

The departure of Ben Armstrong, the founder of Bitboy Crypto and its parent company Hit Network, on August 29th, has subsequently sparked speculation about internal conflicts within the organization. Armstrong’s exit allegedly resulted from a disagreement with his partners, TJ Shedd and Justin Williams. Personal issues, as indicated by Armstrong’s emotional video apology, evidently played a significant role in the decision to leave Bitboy Crypto.

While personal problems became the primary focus of Armstrong’s departure, some individuals, like crypto investigator ZachXBT, questioned whether his association with low-reputation meme coins played a role in the conflict. Moreover, Armstrong faced criticism for promoting risky and questionable crypto investments to inexperienced investors through affiliate links, which led to allegations that he sold tokens after advertising them.

The fate of Armstrong’s digital currency, BEN, also became uncertain amidst the upheaval. Despite predictions of its demise from some followers, Armstrong downplayed such speculations. The aftermath of Armstrong’s departure raises questions about the future direction and stability of Bitboy Crypto.

It remains to be seen how Armstrong’s issues and the internal conflicts within Bitboy Crypto will impact the company’s reputation and standing in the crypto community. However, Armstrong’s video apology demonstrates his determination to rectify the situation and his belief in the potential of the various brands associated with Bitboy Crypto.

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