Big Brands Get Serious About NFTs: Salesforce, VW, Panerai, Absolute Labs at NFT Paris

Big brands such as Salesforce, Volkswagen, Panerai, and Absolute Labs are making a serious push into the world of NFTs. These companies recently participated in the NFT Paris conference, where they showcased their latest NFT initiatives and discussed the potential of blockchain technology in the world of art and collectibles. With more companies jumping on board the NFT bandwagon, it’s clear that digital ownership and decentralized marketplaces are here to stay. As the NFT ecosystem continues to grow, we can expect to see even more big brands leveraging the technology to create unique digital experiences for their customers.

Title 1: Big Brands Embrace NFTs: Insights from Top Consumer & Tech Companies at NFT Paris 2023 Panel
Title 2: Salesforce, VW, Panerai and Absolute Labs’ Strategies for Making the Most of NFTs Explored at NFT Paris 2023

At NFT Paris 2023, some of the leading consumer and tech brands shared their NFT (Non-Fungible Token) strategies. The panel, which was moderated by Decrypt’s Dan Roberts, featured Marc Mathieu of Salesforce, Tim Walther of VW Group, Eva Assayag of Panerai, and Samir Addamine of Absolute Labs. In this article, we explore the insights shared by these big brands about their approach to NFTs.

NFTs have garnered quite a reputation in the digital world lately. These digital assets have proven to be a game-changer for artists, musicians, sports stars, and even brands, as they allow them to monetize their intellectual property in a new way. However, not all brands have been quick to adopt NFTs. Therefore, it was interesting to know how some of the top brands are exploring this space.

Marc Mathieu of Salesforce stated that the brand sees NFTs as a way to create deeper connections with customers by gamifying loyalty programs. Salesforce is exploring the potential of using NFTs as collectibles for loyal customers, which comes with added benefits. The brand plans to use blockchain technology to store customer data in a secure and transparent way.

Tim Walther of VW Group shared his thoughts about how NFTs can serve as proof of ownership for luxury cars. NFTs can enable a more streamlined buying and selling process for cars with a higher value by ensuring that ownership can be easily traced and verified. The NFTs could also include crucial information about the car, maintenance records, and more.

Panerai is another brand that’s intrigued by the possibilities of NFTs. Eva Assayag shared that the company is looking at NFTs to authenticate and add value to their limited edition releases. An NFT could serve as a proof of ownership and prove the exclusivity of these releases, allowing customers to show off their ownership of a truly unique product.

Finally, Samir Addamine of Absolute Labs spoke about using NFTs to manage supply chains. By attaching NFTs to products, the brand can ensure that they are authentic, meaning customers will have the much-needed assurance they need when purchasing luxury items.

In conclusion, the NFT Paris 2023 panel revealed that some of the biggest consumer and tech brands are exploring the potential of NFTs in new and exciting ways. By utilizing these digital assets, companies can create deeper connections with customers, streamline processes, authenticate products, and more. It’s exciting to see how big brands are taking advantage of NFTs and what other possibilities lie ahead.

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