BitBoy Crypto Referred to FBI After Failed Court Appearance

BitBoy Crypto, a popular cryptocurrency content creator, has been referred to the FBI after failing to appear in court for a case related to a previous business venture. The referral was made by the judge presiding over the case, who reportedly expressed frustration with BitBoy’s failure to appear. The referral comes amid growing scrutiny of cryptocurrency influencers and their potential regulatory obligations. BitBoy has yet to comment on the referral.

Crypto influencer Ben “BitBoy” Armstrong has landed in hot water after he failed to appear at a Florida court hearing regarding his promotion of FTX. Armstrong, who is well-known in the crypto community and has a significant following on YouTube, posted a picture of himself online on a beach, saying he “don’t give af” about the court hearing. The Florida court session was scheduled to begin at 10 am ET, precisely when Armstrong released his tweet; he then gloats about his decision to skip it.

The plaintiff in the case, Adam Moskowitz, has accused BitBoy of launching a harassment campaign against him. Moskowitz, who is a lawyer, is representing plaintiffs in a lawsuit against multiple YouTubers that promoted the failed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, including BitBoy, Kevin Paffrath, Brian Jung, Graham Stephan, Tom Nash, and Erika Kullberg. Following the charges, Armstrong levied a torrent of angry messages toward Moskowitz over Twitter, sharing emails he sent to the lawyer calling him a “p***y” and a “b***h.”

Moskowitz contacted his local police and the FBI about Armstrong earlier this month, saying he felt “threatened” by what he or his followers might do to him. Reports state that Judge Melissa Damian was furious about Armstrong’s absence, and she issued a warrant for his arrest if he doesn’t appear before Monday. She also said she would report his conduct to the FBI and ordered him to stop communicating publicly about Moskowitz, an order he has already violated.

Armstrong’s attorney Jason Rindenau said BitBoy could appear before the court in May while he attends the Miami Bitcoin conference. However, it remains to be seen if Armstrong will face consequences for his behavior. In the meantime, BitBoy has landed in more trouble, with Moskowitz referring him to the FBI for his behavior over Twitter.

As a prominent figure in the crypto community, Armstrong should act more responsibly and avoid engaging in behavior that could harm others. This incident serves as a reminder for all crypto influencers that they should act ethically and responsibly both on and off social media. BitBoy himself filed a defamation suit last year against fellow YouTuber Erling Mengshoel Jr (aka “Atozy”), but later dropped the charges following major public backlash. In this case, it remains to be seen what the consequences will be for his actions.

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