Bitcoin boasts safe-haven characteristics during economic uncertainty: Galaxy

As economic uncertainty looms, Bitcoin emerges as a safe-haven option for investors. According to Galaxy Digital, the cryptocurrency possesses characteristics that ensure security and sustain its value. Its decentralized nature, limited supply, and censorship-resistance make it a reliable asset in times of inflation and geopolitical risk. Bitcoin’s increasing popularity and adoption may signal that it is gradually transitioning into a mainstream investment option. As such, investors and traders may consider Bitcoin as a hedge against economic turbulence and a potential store of value.

Bitcoin Emerges as the Best Performer in 2023 among Equities, Indices, and Commodities

Bitcoin (BTC) has outperformed equities, fixed-income securities, indices, and commodities and emerged as the best performer of the year, according to the latest data by Galaxy, a digital asset management company. The data suggests an increase in gold and a decrease in equities, which is indicative of volatile market behavior. However, Bitcoin’s volatility is on a multi-year downward trend, and futures open interest and perpetual swap funding rates suggest that the rally is not solely based on speculation.

On-chain data shows that Bitcoin is consistently accumulating, holding for longer durations, and ownership is becoming more distributed. These factors signal that the upcoming 4th halving event could lead to a longer-term bullish advance.

Comparing Bitcoin’s performance to other assets, the report attests that Bitcoin has consistently remained one of the best performers across various timeframes, except in the one-year timeframe. Bitcoin’s correlation with equities has been high in the past 18 months but has decreased recently, while its association with gold has significantly increased, particularly since the banking crisis. These correlations indicate Bitcoin’s safe-haven characteristics in the current economic climate and demonstrate the value of its fundamental characteristics.

Looking ahead, the report notes two notable future supply events – one bullish and one potentially bearish. The 4th halving, expected in April 2024, is set to bring down the inflation rate below 1%, consequently leading to subsequent bull runs. Additionally, the Mt. Gox bankruptcy trustee holds 141,686 BTC, but it declared that it does not intend to sell them. Most of these BTCs will not be sold upon distribution, potentially impacting Bitcoin’s lending markets.

Overall, the data from Galaxy highlights Bitcoin’s bullish trend and safe-haven characteristics, which remains a promising outlook for its future performance in the market.

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