Bitcoin Could Continue Rally Amid Intensified Banking Crisis, Here’s Why

As the banking crisis continues to intensify, Bitcoin is poised for further gains. In this article, we explore why the world’s leading cryptocurrency is likely to continue its upward trajectory, including factors such as increased institutional adoption, regulatory clarity, and a growing number of use cases. With more and more investors turning to Bitcoin as a safe haven asset, there is ample reason to believe that it will continue to surge in value in the coming months and years. If you’re looking to participate in the blockchain revolution, now is the time to consider Bitcoin as a valuable addition to your investment portfolio.

Bitcoin Surges as US Banks Teeter on the Brink of Collapse

Despite a worsening banking crisis in the US, the crypto market, including Bitcoin (BTC), has been surging over the past weeks. BTC has seen a nearly 40% increase in value, despite the sorry state of the financial sector.

According to a recent report by economists using Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) analysis which is now bankrupt, over 186 banks are at risk of collapse following the fall of SVB. The report revealed that the capitalization of Silicon Valley Bank was higher than 10% of existing banks. However, 10% of US banks currently have more unrecognized losses than the fallen SVB, which means that the banking crisis is expected to intensify in the coming months.

Despite the crisis, Bitcoin has continued its rally, possibly due to several potential factors. Bitcoin is a decentralized asset that operates independently without traditional banking systems. This means the crypto is not subjected to the same regulatory or monetary policies as fiat currencies, and its value is determined by market demand rather than government intervention.

With major banks such as Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate, and Signature Bank opening the banking crisis floor, traditional bankers may continue to accumulate BTC, therefore, surging its price. Vijay Ayyar, Vice President of corporate development and international at crypto exchange Luno told CNBC, “If one looks at the history of Bitcoin and why it was created in the first place, it was precisely for events like this where the current system shows signs of weakness and hence owning an uncorrelated asset helps.”

Another factor that has contributed to the continuing rally of Bitcoin is the ongoing banking crisis in the US. Gold was once viewed as an uncorrelated asset, but with Bitcoin’s rapid adoption and decentralization, people are beginning to see the crypto king as a pleasant alternative to gold. Since the beginning of the year, gold has only added around 9% to its value as opposed to the 70% increase in Bitcoin’s value since January.

Bitcoin has surged nearly 30% in the past week alone, shifting from a low of around $19,000 to a nine-month high of $28,509. Ethereum (ETH), the second largest crypto by market cap, has, however, seen fewer gains compared to BTC, with only a 13% surge in the past seven days.

As the banking crisis continues to unfold, it will be interesting to observe Bitcoin’s price action, as more and more people consider it as a clever alternative to the current system.

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