Bitcoin Struggles Below $26K but These Alts Have it Worse (Weekend Watch)

Looking to stay updated on the latest cryptocurrency developments? In this weekend watch, we delve into the struggles Bitcoin faces to surpass $26K and highlight alternative cryptocurrencies that are facing even greater challenges. Stay informed about the ever-changing crypto market and discover which alts are performing worse in this SEO-friendly description.

Bitcoin Price Stuck Below $26K as Altcoins Suffer

Bitcoin’s price performance has been lackluster as the cryptocurrency fails to make any significant moves in either direction. While bitcoin remains stagnant, several alternative coins have experienced significant drops, with SOL leading the way south.

BTC Boring Below $26K

September has been a relatively uneventful month for bitcoin in terms of price performance. After starting the month with a crash to an 11-week low of $25,350, following a surge past $28,000, bitcoin has struggled to regain its momentum. Although there was a brief uptick in price, with BTC reaching a weekly high of $26,400, it quickly lost all momentum and has been stuck below $26,000 since then.

Currently, bitcoin’s market capitalization remains just above $500 billion, and it now holds a slightly increased dominance over other cryptocurrencies at 48.5%.

SOL Leads the Way South

In addition to bitcoin, other major cryptocurrencies have also experienced slight declines. Ethereum, Binance Coin, Ripple, and Tron have retraced by up to 1% and are currently trading at $1,620, $212, $0.5, and under $0.08, respectively.

However, some altcoins have suffered more significant losses. Dogecoin, Cardano, TONCOIN, Polkadot, Polygon, Litecoin, and Shiba Inu have all lost more value in the past day, with drops ranging between 2-3%. Among the larger-cap altcoins, Solana (SOL) has seen the most significant decline, with a 5% drop below $20.

Other altcoins such as Pepe, Compound, Gala, and ApeCoin have also experienced notable losses, with drops between 5-7.5%.

Overall, the cumulative market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has decreased by $10 billion within a day, totaling $1.040 trillion.


Bitcoin’s price has remained stagnant below $26,000, while altcoins have suffered significant declines. As the cryptocurrency market continues to fluctuate, it is crucial for investors to stay informed and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

Title: Bitcoin Price Stuck Below $26K as Altcoins Suffer
Title: Altcoins Decline as Bitcoin Remains Stagnant

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