Bitcoin’s 30k plunge – short-term holders sell off BTC, long-term holders unfazed

Bitcoin is facing a plunge of 30k as short-term holders rapidly sell off their BTC. However, long-term holders remain unfazed by the sudden drop in prices. The volatility in the market is due to the fluctuations occurring in the cryptocurrency market resulting in short-term investors selling their holdings. Nonetheless, long-term holders remain confident in the potential of Bitcoin, and the market is expected to recover in the long run. Stay ahead of the game by staying up-to-date on these changes through active research and market analysis.

As Bitcoin experiences a sharp decline in value, both short-term and long-term holders are selling off their BTC assets. According to Glassnode data, short-term holders who bought the bottom during the market dip have offloaded their BTC for profits, leading to a rise in profit-taking. Meanwhile, long-term holders have also taken advantage of the dip, with Blue holders taking the most profit for over a year following the collapse of SVB in March.

On the other hand, there has been a rise in loss-taking from short-term holders who bought at the local top, resulting in the selling off of over 40,000 BTC in the past seven days. Additionally, long-term holders have seen a slight capitulation, selling off around 10,000 BTC in the same period.

The market’s recent turbulence has affected all types of holders, with some taking profits and others taking losses. However, long-term holders are still unfazed and continue to hold on to their BTC assets.

As the market volatility persists, it is important for investors to keep a close eye on the latest trends and developments to make informed decisions about their crypto investments. With the right strategy and timing, investors can still reap substantial gains from the market despite its ups and downs.

Title 1: BTC Profit and Loss Taking: How Short and Long-Term Holders are Responding to the Dip

Title 2: Long-Term Holders Unfazed as BTC Holders Take Profits and Losses During Market Dip

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