Bitcoin’s White Paper Has Been in Every MacOS Version Since 2018

Bitcoin’s white paper, the foundational document that introduced the world to the concept of cryptocurrencies, has been included in every version of MacOS since 2018. This means that even non-technical users of Apple’s computer operating system have easy access to the revolutionary ideas behind Bitcoin and its decentralized, blockchain-based system of transactions. The inclusion of the white paper in Mac software is a testament to the growing influence and importance of cryptocurrencies in digital finance.

The discovery of a copy of the Bitcoin white paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto in Apple’s MacOS has come as a surprise to many users. The PDF file has been found in every version of Mac computers launched since 2018, including the current version and the recently launched Ventura 13.3. Users stumbled on the file while performing unrelated operations on their devices, and it was not found in older versions like High Sierra launched in 2017.

Technologist Andy Baio first shared this discovery on his blog post, where he suggests that the Bitcoin white paper has been shipped with every copy of MacOS since 2018. He found the file while fixing his printer to scan a document. A device named “Virtual Scanner ||” popped up, which he had never seen before, and after a few more clicks, he saw the Bitcoin white paper used as a sample document for the device.

Baio also located another file named “cover.jpg” in the resources folder, where he found a JPEG photo of a sign taken on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay by photographer Thomas Hawk. He shared his findings with more than a dozen of his Mac-using friends, all of whom found a copy of the white paper on their devices using the command “open/System/Library/Image\Capture/Devices/”

Before Baio’s recent discovery, some Apple users had already shared similar findings. Designer Joshua Dickens tweeted in November 2020 that he came across both files on his Mac, while another Mac user named bernd178 reported the same experience in the MacOS community forum in April 2021.

It remains unclear why Bitcoin’s white paper would be found in Apple’s products. Despite several reports from users over the past two years, the technology company is yet to comment on the issue, showing no plans to make amends.

The discovery of the Bitcoin white paper in Apple’s MacOS has caused a stir among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It is unclear if this discovery will have any significant implications for the cryptocurrency market, but it does point to the increasing mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

To sum it up, it is exciting to see the Bitcoin white paper in every modern version of Apple’s Mac computers. This discovery only goes to show the increasing relevance of cryptocurrencies in our daily lives.

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