BlackBull Markets moves to from

BlackBull Markets, a leading forex and CFD broker, has moved to a new domain name from With the change, the company seeks to streamline its brand identity and offer a more seamless online experience to its clients. The move is aimed at enhancing the company’s online presence, and it should make it easier for traders to access information and manage their trading accounts. BlackBull Markets’ move to marks an exciting new chapter for the company and further cements its position as a leading player in the forex and CFD trading industry.

BlackBull Markets Moves to

BlackBull Markets, a well-known CFD and forex broker, recently announced a domain shift to Currently, the trading platform operates on This move is set to take place at the end of April 2023, after which users can access the platform via BlackBull’s email support has also been updated to [email protected]

Traders were intrigued by the news, and many searched for an extensive BlackBull review to learn how the platform would continue its services. According to the official announcement by BlackBulls, the platform is only trying to enhance its brand identity and visibility. Thus, the domain change will not affect users’ ability to access the platform, support, or products.

BlackBull Markets has been a reliable CFD and forex broker since its inception in 2014. It is deemed the best forex broker in New Zealand because of its innovative services, licensed by the FMA (Financial Markets Authority) in New Zealand. The broker promises users that they can trade on the platform safely. BlackBulls Markets is taking every possible security measure to ensure a seamless transition, starting with a range of partnerships.

One of the recent partnerships was with Acuity to access its sentiment analysis and AI-based news analytics. This collaboration has been performing well for most users, so they are confident about the upcoming transition as well. BlackBulls Markets has asked users to monitor their website to learn more about upcoming updates closely.

In summary, BlackBull Markets’ shift to is a move to enhance its online presence and brand identity. Users can expect the same quality services and products by the best forex broker in New Zealand. BlackBulls Markets is taking every possible security measure and establishing partnerships with trusted providers to ensure a seamless transition. Keep an eye on their website for upcoming updates.

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