Bored Ape Sewer Pass NFTs Can Be Transformed Into Robots

Bored Ape Sewer Pass NFTs, which have taken the NFT world by storm, can now be transformed into robots with the help of a new platform. The platform allows users to create and customize their own unique robots using their Bored Ape Sewer Pass NFTs as a starting point. With this new feature, collectors can turn their beloved NFTs into animated, 3D robots that can interact with other robots in virtual environments. This innovation is likely to increase the appeal and value of Bored Ape Sewer Pass NFTs, making them a hot commodity in the NFT market. So if you own a Bored Ape Sewer Pass NFT, you may want to consider transforming it into a robot and taking it to new heights.

Yuga Labs, the creator of Bored Ape Yacht Club, recently launched a new NFT collection called HV-MTL, where owners of Sewer Pass NFTs can burn them in exchange for robots classified as Mechs. HV-MTL consists of 30,000 “Evo 1” Mechs that Sewer Pass NFTs release from a “Power Source” when burned. The Mechs will grant access to future games and content, adding value to the collection. The floor price for the HV-MTL NFTs reached 2.7 ETH or approximately $4,445 each on OpenSea. Furthermore, HV-MTL crossed 2,588 ETH on the secondary market or around $4.3 million.

The launch of HV-MTL follows the success of Dookey Dash, a browser-based “endless runner” game where players advance through a virtual sewer system by avoiding obstacles and picking up items. The inaugural Dookey Dash race ended with esports star Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson coming out on top, beating over 25,000 players who used Sewer Passes as fuel. Now, those Sewer Passes will become mechanized companions to owners’ apes.

As with most high-value NFT drops, scammers have been trying to lure in collectors with malicious website links. Yuga Labs advises collectors to be cautious and watch out for impersonators.

Yuga Labs is known for its association with the Ethereum ecosystem and NFTs, but it expanded into the Bitcoin ecosystem last month with the launch of Twelvesfold, a collection of 300 generative art pieces that raised over $16 million.

In summary, Yuga Labs’ HV-MTL NFT collection offers owners of Sewer Pass NFTs a chance to burn them in exchange for Mechs that grant access to future games and content. The launch follows the success of Dookey Dash, and caution is advised when dealing with high-value NFT drops. Yuga Labs’ expansion into the Bitcoin ecosystem with its Twelvesfold collection shows the company’s continued growth and success in the NFT space.

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