BTC Must Hold this Level, Otherwise $25K Breakdown is Likely (Bitcoin Price Analysis)

In this Bitcoin price analysis, we examine the critical level that BTC must hold to avoid a potential breakdown to $25,000. By analyzing key support and resistance levels, market sentiments, and technical indicators, we provide insights into the possible price movement of Bitcoin. Understanding the significance of this level is crucial for traders and investors to make informed decisions in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin’s Price Analysis: Short-Term Recovery Unlikely

Bitcoin’s price is displaying a lack of intent to recover following the recent drop in value. This indicates a pessimistic short-term outlook for the cryptocurrency.

Technical Analysis:

On the daily chart, Bitcoin’s price has been consolidating within a narrow range after experiencing a significant drop from the critical $30,000 resistance zone. Moreover, the 200-day moving average has been broken below, indicating a bearish trend.

Despite the bearish trend, the oversold signal demonstrated by the Relative Strength Index (RSI) suggests a potential short-term retracement. It is highly likely that the price will attempt to retest the 200-day moving average. However, if the price fails to break above this level, there could be a further decline in the coming weeks, with a potential drop towards the key support level of $20,000.

The 4-hour chart reveals that the price has been ranging between the $27,500 and $25,000 levels in recent days. If the market manages to climb above the $27,500 resistance level in the near future, it is probable that the significant $30,000 zone will be tested again. Conversely, if the $25,000 level fails to hold, a bearish continuation could be expected.

On-Chain Analysis:

Bitcoin’s recent price crash, resulting from its inability to surpass the crucial $30,000 area, has raised concerns about the prolongation of the bear market.

The short-term holder spent output profit ratio (SOPR) metric, illustrated in the chart, indicates the profitability ratio of short-term spent outputs. Values above 1 signify that short-term investors are selling at a profit, while values below 1 indicate losses being realized by them.

Currently, the SOPR metric has dropped below 1 after more than six months. This suggests that short-term holders are selling their coins at a loss, a behavior typically observed during bear markets. However, if the metric quickly recovers above one, it could signify a bear trap, indicating a potential reversal of the recent drop in price.

In conclusion, both technical analysis and on-chain analysis indicate a challenging short-term outlook for Bitcoin’s price. Although a short-term retracement is possible, the overall market structure suggests a potential continuation of the bearish trend. Traders and investors should closely monitor key resistance and support levels to make informed decisions.

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