CEO of Video Streaming Platform Beem: Decentralization Lets ‘Creators Regain Their Autonomy’

The CEO of video streaming platform Beem believes that decentralization allows creators to regain their autonomy. By embracing a decentralized model, creators are given more control over their content and can better protect themselves from censorship or other forms of interference. Beem is a platform that empowers creators by giving them the ability to monetize their content and build direct relationships with their audiences. With a focus on decentralization, the platform is helping to shift power back into the hands of creators and ensure that they have a say in how their content is distributed and consumed.

With its mix of YouTube, Twitch, Zoom, and Clubhouse, Beem is the video streaming platform to watch. Co-founder and CEO Mihai Crasneanu describes Beem as a decentralized platform that puts the power back in the hands of creators. In an interview with Decrypt’s Stephen Graves, Crasneanu explained how Beem operates and how it’s growing.

Decentralization, according to Crasneanu, is the key element here. By removing the middlemen, Beem enables content creators to earn more money directly through viewership and engagement on the platform. Crasneanu believes that this kind of autonomy is vital for artists, filmmakers, and other creatives who want to earn a fair share of the profits from their work.

But how does it all work? Beem operates a blockchain-based system that rewards users with tokens for their engagement on the platform. These tokens can then be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money. This gives viewers and creators alike a stake in the platform’s success, incentivizing them to build their communities and create high-quality content.

Crasneanu believes that this kind of blockchain-based platform is the future of online video. By removing the middlemen and empowering creators, platforms like Beem are changing the way that content is created, shared, and monetized online.

As Beem continues to grow, it’s clear that this decentralized approach is resonating with viewers and creators alike. With its unique mix of features, Beem is a platform to watch and a trailblazer in the world of online video.

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