Circle announces taking USDC on OP Mainnet

Introducing Circle’s latest announcement regarding USDC integration on OP Mainnet. Discover the convenience of using USDC on this decentralized network, offering enhanced security, transparency, and efficiency. Explore how this strategic collaboration will revolutionize the way users transact and manage digital assets. Join the Circle community today to experience the power of USDC on OP Mainnet.

Circle Launches Native USDC on OP Mainnet as Part of Stable September

Circle Launches Native USDC on OP Mainnet as Part of Stable September


Circle, a leading cryptocurrency company, has announced the launch of its native USDC on the OP Mainnet. This development, which coincides with Stable September, signifies the growing importance of stablecoins in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Although the exact release date is yet to be revealed, Circle has provided key details regarding the native USDC on OP Mainnet.

Replacing Ethereum Liquidity

One of the main objectives of introducing native USDC is to gradually replace the liquidity currently provided by Ethereum. The upcoming stablecoin is expected to become the official form of USDC in the ecosystem. Initially, there may be some restrictions on liquidity, but Circle anticipates that it will grow over time. This transition will offer several benefits to Circle and Optimism’s community, including institutional on/off-ramps and 1:1 backing by the US Dollar.

Enhanced Features for Users

The native USDC will come with enhanced features for users. Specifically, it will be fully reserved, allowing users to redeem their holdings at any time, in US Dollars. Additionally, the token symbol for USDC from Ethereum will change to USDC.e, ensuring a smooth transition for the community. The changes in the token symbol will primarily impact documentation and user interface.

Optimism’s Role

The implementation of the native USDC on OP Mainnet is a collaborative effort between Circle and Optimism. Optimism is responsible for ensuring a seamless liquidity transition for the community. Any necessary instructions for manual operations will be shared by Optimism. It is important to note that the OP Mainnet bridge will not undergo immediate changes due to this development.

Expanding to New Blockchains

This recent announcement by Circle comes shortly after the company revealed its plans to bring USDC to six new blockchains. These blockchains include Cosmos, Base, Optimism, NEAR, Polkadot, and Polygon. Moreover, Polygon is set to go live with its own native USDC in October. By expanding to these new blockchains and launching the native USDC on OP Mainnet, Circle aims to provide developers with a foundation built on stable and fully reserved digital dollars.


Circle’s launch of native USDC on the OP Mainnet is a significant step towards enhancing the stability and accessibility of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With its 1:1 backing by the US Dollar and improved features for users, the native USDC aims to provide a safer, faster, and more efficient experience for businesses and individuals alike. As Circle continues to invite questions and queries through its Discord channel, the anticipation for the official release of USDC on OP Mainnet intensifies.

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