Coinbase Pushes Back Against SEC, Launches Campaign To Rally Crypto Forces

Coinbase, a US-based crypto exchange, has initiated a campaign named “Crypto435” to promote pro-crypto policies in all 435 congressional districts across the jurisdiction of the US government. This campaign has been launched in response to increased regulatory enforcement actions by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and its call for crypto exchanges to register as securities trading platforms under its jurisdiction.

Coinbase Calls for “Smart Regulation” to Advance the Crypto Industry in the US

Coinbase has stated that the crypto industry has reached a pivotal moment, and the decisions made by legislators and regulators in Washington, DC, and around the country will impact the future development of the crypto space. Coinbase has emphasized the need for “smart regulation” to continue the growth and development of crypto and web3, which will advance economic freedom.

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Aims to Empower the Crypto Community with “Crypto435” Campaign

Coinbase has launched the “Crypto435” campaign to empower the crypto community with information about how to contact specific politicians in their local districts, what those politicians’ records on crypto are, tips for making their voices heard in D.C., and more. The aim of this campaign is to promote pro-crypto policies in all 435 congressional districts across the US and to counterbalance the ongoing investigations and allegations by the SEC and DOJ against several actors in the crypto industry.

Coinbase leads Crypto435 campaign in the US

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