Coinbase To US SEC; Core Staking Services Are Not Securities

Coinbase has submitted a document to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stating that their core staking services do not qualify as securities. This move comes as a response to the SEC’s growing concern over cryptocurrency-related securities, as companies like Coinbase have seen an increase in users participating in crypto staking. Coinbase has argued that their core staking activities should not be considered securities because they involve the exchange of digital assets within the blockchain, and do not represent ownership in a traditional sense. The SEC has yet to respond to Coinbase’s argument, but this development sheds light on the ongoing conversation surrounding the regulation of cryptocurrency and the boundaries of what constitutes a security.

United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been strictly regulating digital currencies and crypto exchanges such as Coinbase. Currently, the commission is in a lawsuit against Ripple Lab for what they claim are illegal sales of unregistered securities. The commission also investigated Kraken for selling unregistered investment products. However, Coinbase recently filed a comment letter demanding clarity from the SEC stating that their core staking services are not securities.

Coinbase’s chief legal officer, Paul Grewal, sent a letter to the United States SEC on March 21, seeking their stance on cryptocurrency securities regulation. According to Grewal, paying a fee to someone does not constitute a secure transaction, and core staking services are not securities. He further mentioned that the SEC’s declaration that staking-as-a-service is security does not align with the Kraken settlement, meaning that what Kraken offered should not be considered securities.

The Howey test, which SEC usually places on new crypto technology like staking, failed core staking several times. Coinbase demands that the SEC admit that core staking services are not securities. The outcome of this dispute is significant for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. It could lead to increased regulations or legal action against other cryptocurrency companies.

This is not the first time that Coinbase finds itself in a dispute with the SEC. The platform’s Lend program was accused of being an investment contract or security. Coinbase explained that their Lend program is a product offered to eligible customers and does not involve investment of money or common enterprise. According to the SEC, however, the program constitutes an unregistered security and violates securities laws. Coinbase remains adamant that the Lend program is not a security, and it remains to be seen how the regulatory body will react to the company’s stance.

In conclusion, Coinbase has challenged the SEC’s stance on cryptocurrency securities regulation, specifically on their core staking services being classified as securities. The outcome of this dispute could have significant implications for the cryptocurrency industry.

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