Community building through Shibarium’s intake system

Shibarium had been struggling to identify the most viable ideas for their community due to numerous contributing factors. Despite many people approaching them with various projects, they were unable to entertain them for various reasons, such as issues related to the schedule of the projects, costs, or any other aspect that may have been inconsequential but remained unaddressed.

The Emergence of the Intake System

To address the challenge of identifying viable ideas, Shibarium developed an intake system. With the help of this system, they could accurately identify the most viable projects, connect them with others, and find the correct sort of validators. The intake system also helped Shibarium become much more organized as and when a further request comes their way, allowing them to do justice where others are concerned and for themselves.

Separating Professionals from Amateurs

Shibarium’s defense team was responsible for rejecting offers, and there was a lack of a positive way of separating the professionals from the amateurs. With the intake system, Shibarium can now distinguish between the two groups accurately, helping them work with, invest in, or promote viable projects.

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