Crypto Community Warns Users About Fake Arbitrum Airdrops

The crypto community is warning users to be vigilant about fake Arbitrum airdrops spreading on social media platforms. These fake airdrops claim to offer free tokens if users provide their private keys or seed phrases. However, these scams are designed to steal personal information and funds from unsuspecting victims. Users are urged to only participate in official airdrops and to never share private keys or seed phrases. The community emphasizes the importance of staying informed and cautious to avoid falling victim to fraudulent activities in the cryptocurrency space.

Arbitrum Scam Alert: Beware of Fake Airdrops Impersonating ARB Tokens

The Arbitrum community recently warned its users about different fake airdrops impersonating the project’s newly launched decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Scammers created these fake Arbitrum airdrops and phishing websites after the Ethereum-based protocol announced the DAO last week, promising to give away 12.57% of the governance token ARB to eligible community members on March 23, 2023.

Arbitrum used a point system to determine the eligibility of users to claim the airdrop, and the number of tokens each user could receive based on their performance and activities on the platform. However, with hundreds of fake Arbitrum airdrops and scams circulating online, users who want to make free money should be vigilant and careful of such fraudulent websites claiming to share airdrops.

Arbitrum News DAO identified over 273 phishing sites related to Arbitrum since the Ethereum layer-2 protocol announced the airdrop, and the number is expected to increase before the official distribution date on Thursday. Similarly, blockchain security startup Redefine discovered a fake website impersonating Arbitrum’s airdrop website. The phishing site asks users for authorization to access their wallets, allowing the criminals to drain victims’ accounts.

CertiK also identified a fake Twitter account named @arbitrum_launch, which is promoting a token airdrop. The company cautioned users to stay off the account and not interact with the airdrop. Reddit user CryptoMaximalist warned others to check a user’s profile history and other subreddits to uncover whether they are spamming links across the platform.

As the number of scams and fake Arbitrum increases, crypto users should be cautious so that they don’t lose their funds to scammers like other fake crypto airdrops that siphoned thousands of dollars from victims in the past. Stay alert, and don’t fall for these scams.

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