Crypto Payment Platform Shuts Down Due to Issues In Banking System

A crypto payment platform has announced its closure owing to challenges with the banking system. The company cited difficulties in securing banking partnerships as the prime reason for its shutdown. It mentioned that the existing financial landscape makes it challenging for crypto companies to establish relationships with traditional banks. The platform aimed to simplify the process of making online payments using cryptocurrencies. However, the complex regulatory and compliance frameworks underlying the financial system made it impossible for the company to continue business operations. The closure highlights the ongoing struggle faced by many crypto startups trying to gain a foothold in traditional financial sectors.

The Crypto Industry Continues to Struggle with Hostile Banking Environments

The crypto industry is no stranger to unexpected shutdowns and losses due to various unfavorable operating environments. Recently, there have been enforcement actions, crypto hacks, and the sudden closure of banks like Silvergate, Silicon Valley, and Signature. Adding to the list of incidents is the decision of crypto payment processor, SpankPay, to shut down due to difficulties in finding a replacement partner after Wyre terminated their agreement.

The sudden shutdown of SpankPay, a subsidiary of Ethereum-based adult entertainment company SpankChain, comes as a result of a hostile banking environment. Despite attempts to find alternative service providers to support its business, SpankPay faced rejection from companies like, citing its adult industry affiliation.

While SpankPay is working towards getting all of its customer’s funds, it is also encouraging its users to opt for digital wallets and explore other possibilities for managing their personal finances. Additionally, SpankChain plans to develop more products suitable for the adult industry, reflecting its commitment to assisting adult content creators and eliminating traditional banks’ influence.

Unfortunately, SpankPay is not the only entity to experience challenges in the crypto industry. Friendsies, an NFT collection, temporarily paused its operations in February, citing volatility and challenges in the crypto market. In 2022, several prominent crypto companies, including FTX, Celsius Network, BlockFi, and Three Arrows Capital, also failed, leading to billions of dollars in losses.

As the crypto industry continues to face challenges and uncertainty, it remains crucial for service providers to adapt and find ways to operate effectively in hostile banking environments. Nevertheless, the industry’s resilience and commitment to providing innovative solutions continue to inspire confidence in the sector’s long-term potential.

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