Crypto Winter Is Over, Says New York Investment Bank H.C. Wainwright

New York investment bank H.C. Wainwright has declared that the crypto winter is finally over. The firm’s crypto research division stated that the market has been showing signs of a bullish trend for the past few months, and it is now becoming clear that the crypto winter is officially behind us. H.C. Wainwright’s report cited multiple factors that have contributed to the market turnaround, including increased institutional adoption and the growing popularity of stablecoins. With this news, it seems that the cryptocurrency market is set for a potentially strong year ahead.

H.C. Wainwright, a prominent investment bank based in New York, has recently stated that the long-awaited end to the crypto winter is finally here. The bank also predicts that crypto lending platforms that have managed to survive this period of uncertainty will be in a unique position to benefit from the upcoming hype train that is expected to arrive.

One company that is poised to make the most of this future bull run is the renowned cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase. H.C. Wainwright analyst, Mike Colonnese, believes that Coinbase is well-suited to profit from the expected surge in demand due to its status as a high-value, publicly traded crypto company. He also notes that Coinbase’s scarcity value is unlikely to change anytime soon, given that it is the only publicly listed crypto native company in the US with a market cap exceeding $10B.

Despite the recent SEC actions against several crypto platforms, including staking services, Colonnese states that Coinbase faces a limited amount of competition for investor capital. Furthermore, staking only accounted for 3% of its revenue in 2021. As such, he sees great potential for Coinbase’s stock, COIN, which is currently valued at $40 per share, to reach $75 in the near future if everything goes according to plan.

Colonnese’s observations are backed up by recent Bitcoin growth charts, which suggest that the asset’s price has stabilized and even increased. As crypto markets are still highly dependent on BTC’s value, this increase has led to a 45% rise in crypto markets since last year when the crypto winter began.

However, there are still risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies, and untoward developments can come out of left field at any time. Even a false alarm can trigger a sell-off that may discourage newer investors. Therefore, the golden rule of doing one’s own research before making any investment still holds true.

In conclusion, while the crypto market may be on an upward trend, it is still important to approach investments with caution and an awareness of the many risks involved. Nonetheless, if you’re interested in investing, it seems that the future looks promising for Coinbase and crypto lending platforms that have managed to weather the storm.

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