Deepening Crisis at First Republic Prompts Urgent Rescue Talks, What Does it Mean for Bitcoin?

The deepening crisis at First Republic Bank has prompted urgent rescue talks that could have ripple effects on the wider financial market, including Bitcoin. As investors grow increasingly anxious about the bank’s viability, some are turning to decentralized digital currencies like Bitcoin as a potential safe haven. However, the outcome of the rescue talks could have a significant impact on Bitcoin’s price and adoption, highlighting the interconnectedness of the financial system and the cryptocurrency market.

First Republic Bank Shares Drop to Record Low after $100 Billion Withdrawn

First Republic Bank, a commercial bank founded in San Francisco in 1985, has experienced a record-low decline in its shares. The bank announced that its depositors withdrew over $100 billion in the first quarter, putting it under massive pressure since a series of bank failures in the United States sparked fears of a wider crisis.

Chaos in First Republic

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank last month created fears of contagion across the banking sector. Investors have been closely following the financial health of regional lenders, including First Republic. Private-sector initiatives are being led by the First Republic Bank’s advisers but are yet to reach an agreement. US officials have now stepped in to coordinate urgent talks to rescue the commercial bank.

According to sources familiar with Reuters, the participating US government authorities conducting meetings with financial companies are the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Treasury Department, and the Federal Reserve. The government’s involvement is helping bring more parties, including banks and private equity firms, to the negotiating table. However, it is still not clear if the government is planning for a private-sector rescue of First Republic with its involvement.

Where Does Bitcoin Stand?

Despite the downfall of First Republic Bank, the interest in Bitcoin has been on the rise again. Earlier this week, First Republic said it was exploring strategic options following its disclosure of losing nearly $100 billion in deposits. While analysts and investors seem to have already lost confidence in it, during the same period, Bitcoin gained a significant foothold near $30k. With the declining confidence in the US banking system, as well as its counterparty in Europe, the interest in Bitcoin, which emerged during the previous massive crisis caused by banks, is on the rise.

Possible Solutions

To avoid falling into ruin, several options have been proposed for First Republic Bank. This includes selling assets or the creation of a “bad bank” that would isolate its underwater assets. However, a deal is yet to successfully transpire. Two of the sources in the report suggested that the US officials view a private-sector deal as preferable to First Republic falling into FDIC receivership. Any solution would have to come with coverage for the losses that First Republic or a potential acquirer of the bank would assume if there were a transaction. These losses would stem from First Republic’s loan book and fixed-income portfolio, whose low-yielding assets would be marked down to account for a rise in interest rates.


First Republic Bank faces a tough financial situation, but the involvement of US government authorities in its rescue talks gives hope. The various proposed solutions aim to find a way out of the current catastrophe. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is shining in this crisis, with investors turning to the digital currency during the declining confidence in traditional banking systems.

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