DefiLlama Forks Into New Platform As Core Team Disputes Over Token Launch

DefiLlama, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that tracks the total value locked (TVL) across various projects, has forked into a new platform due to a dispute over the token launch. The core team behind the platform is divided on whether to launch a new token or not, leading to the creation of a new platform called DefiPulse. The split comes as a surprise to the community, who expected DefiLlama to continue growing in popularity. Nevertheless, DefiPulse is aiming to fill the gap left by DefiLlama and provide a reliable source of information for the DeFi ecosystem.

DefiLlama Faces Internal Dispute, Resulting in the Creation of Dashboard

DefiLlama, the popular decentralized finance (defi) dashboard, is currently facing internal strife. According to reports, a lone co-founder is pushing for the release of a token, while most of the core team members disagree. As a result, the team has splintered, and the creators have launched a new and similar dashboard called

The dispute came to light when 0xngmi, the face of DefiLlama, announced the fork of the product on Twitter. The team did not want to launch a token that does not represent them, and they do not want to be associated with it. This move led to the creation of, the new iteration from the core DefiLlama team, which has zero interest in creating a token.

Despite not generating a profit, the defi dashboard was committed to providing a top-tier product for community members. This dedication and development from smart builders who had the best interests of the community at heart are likely to carry over into the new dashboard, which visually provides the same appeal. However, it may prove challenging to build a long-term revenue driver, despite offering a premium product. This is likely why most team members have been deliberate about their chosen routes to drive revenue.

On the other hand, launching a token at this stage would be nonsensical, particularly given the team’s decision to create a new dashboard. However, it is possible that reconciliation may happen at some point.

With regulations, particularly in the US, at the forefront, defi drama has been abundant lately. Many governments have been exploring the creation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC), increasing the importance and reliability of defi products.

In conclusion, has the potential to continue the positive momentum that DefiLlama was building. Nevertheless, it is unclear what the future holds, and for now, the situation remains fluid.

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