DefiLlama website splits as one founder pushes for crypto token launch

DefiLlama, the well-known DeFi (decentralized finance) analytics website, is splitting as one of its founders pushes for a crypto token launch. This move has caused disagreement among the team, and as a result, the founders have agreed to divide the website’s ownership. DefiLlama has gained significant popularity for tracking the total value locked in DeFi protocols, which currently constitutes $235 billion. The website is frequented eagerly by the DeFi space participants and considered a source of value information. However, the site’s split is raising concerns for users amid the renewed rise of DeFi use cases.

Decentralized finance data site, DefiLlama, is currently facing a leadership dispute as one of its team members has attempted to launch a crypto token without wider approval. This has resulted in the emergence of two “llama” sites, and It is unclear which site will ultimately survive as both offer the same main tool, a leaderboard that lists various DeFi projects and shows the total amount of cryptocurrency locked in those projects.

0xngmi, a member of the DefiLlama project, stated on March 19, via Twitter, that the majority of the team launched the second site,, due to a “hostile takeover.” He further explained that there is an “ongoing attempt” to launch the alleged crypto token without the team’s approval. Tendeeno, another member of the team, confirmed the legitimacy of 0xngmi’s statements and suggested that just one individual, 0xLlam4, is attempting to launch the token.

Although 0xLlam4 created DefiLlama, Tendeeno asserted that 0xngmi became responsible for development after joining the team. He also mentioned that 0xngmi is responsible for salaries, leads the team, and is DefiLlama’s legal majority owner. However, since 0xLlam4 controls the DefiLlama website and its Twitter account, other members of the group cannot directly prevent the launch of the token.

It is still unclear when or if 0xLlam4 intends to release the token due to a lack of public statements. His Twitter profile is currently private, and there seems to be no means of contacting the developer. In the meantime, both sites are still up, and users are free to choose which one to use.

DefiLlama has been in operation for over two years, making the more established of the two. However, appears to have the majority backing of the team. Nevertheless, the two sites may be reunified if the two parties come to an agreement.

In conclusion, the leadership conflict at DefiLlama has resulted in the emergence of two sites, and Both sites offer a leaderboard that lists various DeFi projects and the total amount of cryptocurrency locked in those projects. It remains to be seen which site will ultimately survive, but both can still be used by users at the moment.

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