DSRPTD 2022 wraps in Dubai after 3 private events

DSRPTD 2022, the longest-running VC summit, concluded after holding events in Dubai and three consecutive private events. The summit featured some of the world’s most promising technologies such as Auditchain and Invoicemate, among others. Auditchain is the world’s first financial disclosure infrastructure featuring process control NFTs, while Invoicemate is the world’s first and only fully fledged invoicing platform on blockchain using AI.

DSRPTD 2021 had its stage capturing the attention of a very select audience of investors, industry leaders, and professional experts from the entire VC ecosystem from all over the world. The event had DSRPTD Talks on various topics such as the role of the MICE industry in fostering the startup ecosystem. The summit also had masterclasses on various topics such as business setup, VARA Virtaul Assets Regulatory Authority regulations, and business taxation, among others.

DSRPTD 2022, presented by @KryptoGranny Anita Kalergis, featured talks on media and the MICE industry’s role in the VC world. Some of the speakers at the summit include Catie Romero Finger and Nastya Adamova, the CEO and COO of Babs Labs and the organizers of Websh3, and Jason Eisen, organizer of ETHSafari and founder of Africa DeFi Alliance. The summit also featured Anna Tutova the CEO of Coinstelegram and Elias Ahonen Author at Cointelegraph.

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