ETH Broke Crucial Support, Here’s the Next Target (Ethereum Price Analysis)

In this Ethereum price analysis, we examine the recent price movement of ETH and its crucial support break. By analyzing the current market conditions, we provide insights on the next potential target for Ethereum. Stay updated on the latest developments and trends in the cryptocurrency market with our analysis.

The Bearish Market Outlook for Ethereum

Technical Analysis: Breaking Key Moving Averages

Ethereum’s recent market performance has been disappointing for investors, as it experienced a sharp rejection from the $1.8K resistance level. This rejection triggered a significant downward trend that broke through both the pivotal 100-day and 200-day moving averages. This bearish development signals challenging times ahead for Ethereum in the mid-term.

On the daily chart, Ethereum’s price initially found support at the significant level of $1.6K after dropping below the critical moving averages. This support zone holds particular importance as it coincides with the 61.6% Fibonacci retracement level, representing the recent impulsive upward move towards the $2.1K mark in early March.

However, the initial rebound was short-lived as Ethereum experienced another impulsive downward movement, once again touching the crucial support zone at $1.6K. While this price action suggests a bearish sentiment in the market, it is essential to recognize the potential for support to revive and set the stage for a possible bullish bounce. Such a rebound could result in a consolidation phase. On the other hand, if the price drops below $1.6K, a bearish cascade becomes increasingly likely.

Examining the 4-Hour Chart

Analyzing the 4-hour timeframe reveals that the downward trajectory was temporarily halted when Ethereum reached the substantial $1.6K support region. This indecision led to a brief consolidation phase with low volatility. However, the price experienced a sudden surge, known as the Grayscale pump, marked by a substantial green candle.

As the price ascended towards the critical 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level, buying pressure weakened, prompting a reversal. Ethereum has formed a bearish continuation flag pattern and is currently attempting to breach the lower boundary of this pattern.

The $1.6K threshold holds significant psychological importance, and if sellers successfully push the price below this critical level, the market could witness another quick and steep plummet towards lower price thresholds.

On-chain Analysis: Dominant Bearish Sentiment

To gain deeper insights into market sentiment, examining futures market metrics is essential. The current Ethereum price action showcases a robust downtrend, with a notable exit from weeks of consolidation within a narrow price range.

One key indicator, the 30-day moving average of the taker buy-sell ratio metric, reveals the relative aggressiveness of buyers versus sellers in executing their orders. Values above 1 signify a bullish sentiment, while values below 1 indicate a bearish sentiment prevailing in the market.

The chart illustrating this metric showcases a consistent downward trajectory over the past few months, consistently fluctuating below the pivotal one mark and reaching a yearly low. This behavior underscores the dominant bearish sentiment among futures traders participating in Ethereum’s market.

As long as this trend remains unaltered, the probability of witnessing further bearish price movements remains high. For Ethereum’s price to initiate a new rally, a shift in behavior among futures traders is necessary, characterized by a more aggressive buying stance. This shift would be noticeable when the metric rises above the critical 1 threshold.

In conclusion, Ethereum’s market outlook appears bearish based on technical and on-chain analysis. The breach of key moving averages and the formation of a bearish continuation pattern on the charts, combined with the dominant bearish sentiment among futures traders, suggest the potential for further downward pressure on Ethereum’s price. Investors should closely monitor the $1.6K support level and changes in market sentiment before making any investment decisions.

– Ethereum Daily Chart: [link to image]
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