EthSign collaborates with Secure3 to safeguard TokenTable

EthSign, the leading blockchain-based digital signature platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Secure3, the renowned cybersecurity firm, to bolster the security of its innovative TokenTable. The TokenTable is a cutting-edge tool for managing and tracking digital assets on Ethereum-based blockchains.

Through this collaboration, EthSign and Secure3 will combine their expertise and resources to enhance security measures for TokenTable, protecting it from potential cyber attacks and unauthorized access. This move positions EthSign as a pioneer in the blockchain industry, setting a new standard for security in digital asset management platforms.

With the rising threat of cyber attacks on blockchain networks, this partnership is a timely and essential step in ensuring the safety and integrity of digital assets. The integration of Secure3’s advanced security protocols with EthSign’s trusted signature technology will provide unparalleled protection for TokenTable and its users.

Overall, this collaboration represents a significant milestone in the blockchain industry, showcasing the importance of robust cybersecurity measures in safeguarding digital assets. EthSign’s partnership with Secure3 underscores its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that prioritize security and ease-of-use for its clients.

EthSign has announced a collaboration with Secure3 to enhance security around its TokenTable. EthSign is developing an interface between Web2 and Web3 by linking legal agreements and smart contracts. Its first product, EthSign Signatures, uses blockchain to increase transparency and security, allowing users to upload, edit and download documents, and track the status of the signing process. EthSign TokenTable explains the use of smart contracts to enforce trust in a startup project. Secure3 is an intelligent audit contest platform based in Silicon Valley, offering cost-effective and safe audits for Web3 projects. The two companies share a focus on safety, with EthSign viewing Secure3’s auditing module as an effective tool for identifying serious risks. Secure3’s incentive model for locating risk factors was also cited as a deciding factor in the collaboration.

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