Euler Foundation to reward a sum of $1M in exchange for hacker’s information

The Euler Foundation is offering a reward of $1 million for any hacker who provides valuable information regarding cybersecurity threats. This initiative aims to promote transparency and collaboration in the fight against cybercrime. If you have any information that can help identify potential threats, report it to the Euler Foundation and be rewarded for your efforts. Join forces with the experts and contribute to a safer online environment today.

The Euler Foundation has suffered a flash loan attack resulting in a loss of $197 million to a hacker in multiple transactions. To aid the recovery of the funds, the Euler Foundation has offered a reward of $1 million to anyone who can share information about the hacker with the team. Despite an ultimatum from the Euler Foundation, the hacker did not return the funds, and the Foundation has since dropped all charges in exchange for the recovery of the stolen money. Law enforcement agencies and regulators in the US and UK have yet to come to a consensus on this matter. Euler Finance is working with security firms like TRM Labs and Chainalysis, and the US Justice Department has launched an investigation to apprehend the hacker, believed to be Lowcost.eth. The community is also seeking the return of their funds, with AnalysisOnChain claiming to have located the attacker through their email address and traces in Tornado Cash. As a result of the hack, several protocols, such as Angle Protocol, Balancer, and Yearn, have been affected. The value of the EUL token fell by 48% to $3.10.

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