Euler hacker offers to negotiate return of funds

Euler hacker, who hacked into the decentralized finance protocol and stole $600 million in cryptocurrency, has come forward with an offer to negotiate the return of the funds. Ethereum-based protocol, Poly Network, announced that the hacker had been in touch with them and was willing to return the stolen assets. This news has delighted the cryptocurrency community and brought hope to the victims of the attack. The willingness of the Euler hacker to negotiate the return of the funds is a significant step towards the recovery of the stolen assets. This development also shows how blockchain technology can be used to combat cybercrime and provide solutions to such attacks.

Hacker Offers to Return Stolen Funds to Euler Finance in On-Chain Message

After exploiting Euler Finance on March 13 for nearly $200 million, the hacker has now made contact with the platform in an attempt to return the stolen funds. According to records from Etherscan, a transaction was sent to Euler Finance’s deployer contract on March 20, in which the hacker offered to “make this easy on all those affected” and “set up secure communication” to negotiate an agreement. Euler Finance has yet to publicly acknowledge the offer, though Decrypt reports that the company is aware of the message.

Previously, Euler Finance had offered a $1 million bounty on March 16 for the return of 90% of the stolen funds. The company even attempted to communicate with the thief on-chain, but to no avail. However, on March 17, the attacker sent 100 ETH ($170,000) to an address linked to an earlier attack that was carried out against Ronin Bridge in March 2022. The attacker also transferred 3,000 ETH ($5.4 million) back to Euler Finance itself on March 18. These transactions, combined with the recent message from the hacker, suggest a willingness to cooperate.

Euler Finance, a decentralized finance lending and borrowing platform built on Ethereum, suffered greatly from the hack. However, the platform’s native token, EUL, has seen a partial recovery. As of this writing, the token price is up 30% in the past 24 hours. Euler Finance has not made any public statements regarding the possible return of funds by the hacker.

Possible titles:
– Hacker Attempts to Negotiate the Return of Stolen Funds to Euler Finance After Exploiting Platform
– Euler Finance Hacker Offers to Return Stolen Funds in Recently Discovered On-Chain Message

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