EVE Online Creator CCP Raises $40M to Create Web3 EVE Game

CCP, the creator of the massively popular multiplayer online game EVE Online, has raised $40 million to develop a new game that integrates blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse. The new game, which is set to be a decentralized, web3 integrated successor to EVE Online, will provide a range of new features and functionalities to players, including the ability to trade virtual assets securely and easily on the blockchain, as well as seamless cross-play capabilities with other games and digital platforms. With this funding, CCP is poised to create the next generation of immersive gaming experiences that will push the boundaries of the metaverse and redefine the future of online gaming.

EVE Online Developer CCP Games Raises $40 Million for New Blockbuster Blockchain Game

CCP Games, the developer of EVE Online, one of the largest and most hardcore massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) in outer space, has raised $40 million in financing to expand the EVE universe with a new AAA title utilizing blockchain technology, set within the EVE universe. The funding round was led by Andreessen Horowitz, and also included participation from BITKRAFT, Nexon, Kingsway Capital, and HASHED, among others.

CCP Games is not new to virtual worlds and has been celebrating the 20th anniversary of EVE Online this year. The game has amassed a dedicated fan base, complete with factions and rivalries, and has even spun off other games and books. However, this is CCP’s first foray into Web3 gaming, which will feature on-chain systems with an emphasis on persistence, composability, and truly open third-party development to create a new relationship between virtual worlds and players.

The new game, which may be using the name “Project Awakening,” will be deeply imbued with CCP’s expertise in player agency and autonomy, providing players with new ways to engage. CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar P├ętursson stated, “Now, with advancements made within blockchain, we can forge a new universe deeply imbued with our expertise in player agency and autonomy, empowering players to engage in new ways.”

CCP’s venture into blockchain game development is part of a larger trend wherein traditional game makers have begun to enter the Web3 world. Ubisoft has been investing in the space for years, while Square Enix is actively developing NFT games on Ethereum scaling network Polygon.

With the influx of funding and CCP’s extensive experience in creating virtual worlds that captivate and empower its players, it’s exciting to see what kind of immersive and exciting new world Project Awakening will bring to the gaming community. Keep an eye on CCP Games as they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in online gaming.

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