Ex-Ledger Chief of Staff manages to raise $2-3 million

Former Ledger Chief of Staff successfully raises $2-3 million in funding for new project. The undisclosed project caught the attention of several investors and successfully secured funding. The ex-Ledger Chief of Staff’s track record in the industry likely played a significant role in attracting investors. More details on the project and its potential impact are yet to be revealed.

Ex-Ledger Chief of Staff Raises Funds for NFT Art Investment

Jean-Michel Pailhon, the ex-Chief of Staff at Ledger, has raised $2-3 million in soft commitments from private bankers and family offices for investment in NFT art. Pailhon aims to raise a total of $25 million and is focusing on non-crypto conventional investors, such as institutions that hold physical art. While Web3 funding typically comes from venture capitalists and Web3 entrepreneurs, Pailhon is also exploring opportunities with private bankers, family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and financial institutions. With strict investment policies in place, Pailhon hopes to attract fresh collectors and institutional investors to the growing digital art asset class. He believes that investors contributing to his fund will open doors to further opportunities and exposure in the NFT arena. Pailhon has been involved in NFTs for three years and currently holds a portfolio of 460 NFTs.

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