Factor and SushiSwap collaborate for integration and vault partnership

Factor and SushiSwap Announce Integration and Vault Partnership

Factor and SushiSwap have partnered to enable the community to access their liquidity and assets. The partnership will explore cross-chain swaps and create custom Bento vaults. Factor will integrate multiple assets from the DeFi segment to optimize SushiSwap’s products, while SushiSwap offers a broad range of DeFi products to open the world of Factor Vault and strategy for creators.

Mutual Benefits of the Factor-SushiSwap Partnership

The partnership between Factor and SushiSwap brings mutual benefits for both integration and partner vaults. Strategists at Factor can leverage the liquidity of SushiSwap to achieve better TVL and revenue, while developers can gain access to the full suite of SushiSwap products. The partnership also allows both partners to earn vault fees, giving them another revenue stream.

Factor’s Attempt to Build a Layer of Liquidity and Infrastructure in DeFi

Factor’s partnership with SushiSwap is part of their attempt to integrate with all leading protocols and build a layer of liquidity and infrastructure in the DeFi segment. The community can participate in The Key Factor podcast to share their thoughts on the partnership, which is scheduled to happen on March 06, 2023.

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