Fine Art Photographers Join Forces to Launch NFTs to Battle Climate Change

A group of fine art photographers have banded together to launch unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) aimed at raising awareness about climate change. These NFTs will contain a collection of stunning photographs capturing the natural beauty of the world, with a percentage of the proceeds being donated towards environmental efforts. The move comes amidst growing concern about the devastating impact of climate change, and seeks to leverage the power of art to make a positive impact. By purchasing these NFTs, people can not only own a valuable piece of art, but also contribute towards a greater cause.

Rhapsody Curated, a European NFT photography platform, has teamed up with three prominent fine art photographers to mint their works as NFTs and raise awareness and funds for the battle against climate change. Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Nicolas Henry, and Namsa Leuba have all created collections that will be sold on Rhapsody, marking each artist’s first foray into the blockchain. The collections will be available for purchase starting May 4th, ranging in price from 2 ETH to 8 ETH, with three to six photos available from each artist. Over 50% of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to Photoclimat, a French charity that raises awareness of climate change through photography.

Rhapsody’s Head of Curation, Pierre-Elie de Pibrac, brought the artists together to create collections that reflect on the current state of the environment. By using the blockchain to mint their works as NFTs, de Pibrac hopes to further the reach of Photoclimat’s mission and allow more people to access and appreciate these unique works of art. Speaking to Decrypt, de Pibrac said, “With NFTs, we can broadcast this message to many more people, and use this technology to allow people to buy pieces of art they couldn’t otherwise buy.”

The works of Arthus-Bertrand, Leuba, and Henry selected to be sold on Rhapsody are thematically and visually distinct but united by a shared message of the importance of tackling climate change. Rhapsody specifically chose to mint the collections on the Ethereum blockchain, known for its environmentally friendly reputation after transitioning to proof-of-stake last September, reducing the network’s carbon footprint by 99.99%, as reported by the Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute.

It’s heartening to see NFTs being leveraged for a good cause, and using the blockchain to increase the accessibility of works of art that reflect on the critical issue of climate change is a noble endeavor. We hope that this partnership inspires more artists and platforms to harness the potential of NFTs for social and environmental causes.

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