FTX cold wallet moved almost $10M in altcoins to Ethereum since Aug. 31

The FTX cold wallet has successfully transferred nearly $10 million worth of altcoins to the Ethereum network starting from August 31st. This move aims to enhance the security and accessibility of the altcoins, ensuring a reliable storage solution for FTX users. Explore the details of this significant development as FTX continues to prioritize its users’ assets and provide a seamless trading experience.

Title 1: FTX Moves $10 Million in Altcoins from Solana to Ethereum: A Closer Look at the Transfers

A cold wallet owned by collapsed crypto exchange FTX has recently made significant transfers of almost $10 million in altcoins from Solana to Ethereum. According to on-chain data, the transfers, which began on August 31st, involved notable tokens like LINK, SUSHI, LUNA, and YFI. These transactions were conducted through Wormhole Bridge, a popular method for transferring tokens across different blockchain networks.

It is currently unclear why FTX made these transfers, as they have not provided any official statement or explanation. Speculation suggests that these transfers may be connected to the exchange’s ongoing bankruptcy proceedings or its recent attempts to sell its crypto holdings for fiat currency through Galaxy Digital.

FTX, amidst its financial troubles, has been actively seeking to sell its assets to address its liabilities. The exchange recently filed a request with the bankruptcy court to engage Galaxy Digital Capital Management as its investment manager for certain digital assets. If approved, Galaxy would manage, trade, and convert FTX’s assets into fiat currency or stablecoins. In return, the collapsed exchange would pay a monthly fiduciary fee to Galaxy. FTX believes that Galaxy’s expertise in managing and selling large cryptocurrency positions without adversely affecting the market makes them a suitable choice for this task.

Additionally, FTX has filed a separate motion seeking guidelines for managing and selling its digital assets and entering into hedging arrangements primarily involving Bitcoin and Ethereum. These motions highlight the exchange’s efforts to restructure and monetize its cryptocurrency holdings.

Title 2: Creditors Express Discontent with FTX’s Slow Bankruptcy Plan

FTX, the collapsed crypto exchange facing bankruptcy, is encountering criticism from its creditors over the sluggish pace of its bankruptcy plan negotiations. At a recent bankruptcy hearing, FTX’s attorney resisted calls for expedited mediation, stating that the process is currently on track for conclusion in the second quarter of 2024.

The exchange’s proposed plan aims to repay customers through asset liquidation and litigation against insiders involved in the misappropriation and loss of customers’ crypto deposits. However, concerns have emerged regarding FTX’s efforts to find a buyer for its international exchange, FTX.com, as well as the lack of transparency regarding incoming bids.

The creditors’ committee attorney has raised issues regarding the significant costs incurred due to FTX’s delay in addressing creditor concerns. It has been revealed that the exchange spends $50 million monthly on attorneys’ fees and other associated expenses. FTX seeks to enhance the recovery for its creditors by pursuing lawsuits against its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, investment firm K5, and the founders of FTX acquisition targets.

The bankruptcy case against FTX was filed in November 2022 following allegations of misappropriation and loss of billions of dollars of customers’ crypto deposits. While the bankruptcy plan is expected to conclude in 2024, the slow progress and lack of clarity have created tension between FTX and its creditors.

Overall, FTX’s recent altcoin transfers and ongoing bankruptcy proceedings reflect the challenges and complexities faced by the exchange. The decisions made by FTX regarding asset management and creditor negotiations will significantly impact its future path to recovery and the resolution of its financial obligations.

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