Gala Games publishes an official statement amid lawsuits

Gala Games, a renowned blockchain gaming company, issues an official statement amidst ongoing legal proceedings. Stay updated with the latest news and developments related to Gala Games’ lawsuits by reading their official statement. Get insights into the company’s perspective and stay informed about the potential impact on the blockchain gaming industry. Stay connected with Gala Games as they navigate through the legal challenges and find out how it shapes the future of the gaming landscape.

Gala Games General Counsel Clarifies Legal Battle: No Impact on Operations

Gala Games, a leading gaming ecosystem, recently faced a legal dispute between its founders, but the company’s General Counsel, Blake Walker, has reassured the community that the ongoing legal battle has no effect on its operations. In a recent clarification, Walker emphasized the preservation of ethics within the ecosystem.

The legal battle initiated when Eric Schiermeyer, the CEO of Gala Games, filed a derivative shareholder lawsuit against co-founder Wright Thurston. In response, Thurston has countersued Schiermeyer, and the case is currently being discussed in court.

A derivative shareholder lawsuit is filed when a shareholder suspects wrongdoing within a corporation and takes action on its behalf. It is important to note that the evidence presented by Schiermeyer and the defense strategy by Thurston are yet to be revealed.

Commitment to Accountability and Transparency

Gala Games’ legal team has acknowledged the concerns and inquiries raised by the community and has reiterated its commitment to accountability and transparency. The company explicitly stated that it is not involved in the legal battle, as it is a dispute purely between the founders.

Furthermore, Gala Games has affirmed its dedication to innovation and delivering exceptional gaming experiences. The legal department has assured shareholders that it will remain available to address any concerns they may have.

Rep Node’s License Transfer

In a recent development, Gala Games announced the transfer of Rep Node’s license. The public sale took place on September 4, 2023, granting early access to Gala Gold and Fonder’s Nodes. The specified open price was $2,500, with a tier supply of 5,000. The allowlist price was set at $2,000. Gala Games expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with Rep to introduce a new use case to their blockchain.

This collaboration aims to provide the community with stronger decentralization, offering a personalized social media experience, real user ownership, the ability to power the network and earn rewards, all while preserving user data privacy without third-party mining.

A Governance Proposal for a More Decentralized Future

It had previously been announced that Gala Games had proposed a governance plan to discuss a more decentralized future. This initiative reflects the company’s dedication to community involvement and decision-making.

Community Safety and Legal Updates

Gala Games’ legal department is committed to keeping the community informed about the latest legal proceedings. They reassure the community that no wrong activity is occurring within the company and that operations will continue seamlessly.

The legal battle between Eric and Wright is ongoing, and the details of the case will only be disclosed after a settlement or a specific verdict is reached by the court.

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