Genesis Hits Parent Company DCG With $600 Million Lawsuits

Genesis, the luxury automobile brand, has filed a $600 million lawsuit against its parent company, DCG (Durst Corporation Group), citing breach of contract. This article provides details on the lawsuit and its impact on both Genesis and DCG.

Title 1: Genesis Global Files Lawsuits Against Digital Currency Group and Digital Currency Group International

Collapsed crypto company Genesis Global has taken legal action against Digital Currency Group (DCG) and Digital Currency Group International (DCGI) in order to reclaim over $600 million in loans, which includes more than $115 million in Bitcoin. DCG serves as the parent company of Genesis, a lending institution that suspended withdrawals after the crash of crypto exchange FTX last November. The lawsuits were filed in the United States bankruptcy court of the Southern District of New York, alleging that two loans totaling around $620 million have not been repaid. Genesis Global claims that these loans matured in May and involve approximately 4,550 Bitcoin. Moreover, the company is seeking to recover accrued interest and late fees through the legal actions.

Title 2: Genesis Global’s Legal Battle to Recover Loans and Assets

Genesis Global, a crypto company that faced financial troubles and bankruptcy earlier this year, has initiated legal proceedings against Digital Currency Group (DCG) and Digital Currency Group International (DCGI). The aim is to retrieve more than $600 million in loans, including over $115 million worth of Bitcoin. Genesis Global, which operated as the primary lending partner of New York-based crypto exchange Gemini, was severely impacted by the collapse of FTX, a well-known digital asset megabrand. The company had to lay off 30% of its staff and eventually went bankrupt in January. As a result, Genesis Global owed approximately $900 million to users of Gemini Earn, its high-yield savings product.

DCG had recently reached an in-principle agreement with Genesis Global’s creditors to address the claims arising during the bankruptcy, with the intention of ensuring a fair recovery for all parties involved. However, Genesis Global’s new lawsuits indicate that the repayment of the loans has not been fulfilled. The legal actions also seek to recover interest and late fees associated with the loans.

Furthermore, it was announced that Genesis Global Trading, a subsidiary of Genesis Global, will be winding down its spot trading crypto trading service next month for business-related reasons. The company currently provides over-the-counter market-making services in the cryptocurrency market.

In conclusion, Genesis Global’s lawsuits against DCG and DCGI represent their efforts to reclaim the substantial loans and assets they are owed. The outcome of these legal battles will determine the financial recovery of Genesis Global, along with its ability to compensate its creditors and restore stability to the company.

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