Gunzilla Games extends its partnership with Ava Labs via GUNZ

Gunzilla Games, a leading video game developer, has extended its partnership with Ava Labs, a blockchain platform provider, through the launch of GUNZ. GUNZ is an innovative token that will enable players to access premium in-game content and participate in additional experiences. This strategic move will leverage blockchain technology to enhance the gaming experience for Gunzilla Games’ users while providing a new form of monetization for the company. With the GUNZ token, players will have access to exclusive in-game items, perks, and rewards. This partnership will help Gunzilla Games stand out in the crowded gaming space while also paving the way for the adoption of blockchain technology in gaming.

Gunzilla Games and Avalanche Labs Partner Up to Revolutionize Gaming Industry

Gunzilla Games is expanding its partnership with Avalanche Labs by building GUNZ on the Avalanche Subnet. This SDK will be available to developers so that they can benefit from the market-defining features, including a built-in companion app and NFT mint engine. Chalk up another gaming Subnet! AAA game studio Gunzilla Games is creating GUNZ, a sustainable digital economy platform built on an Avalanche Subnet.

Built by developers for developers, GUNZ aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by empowering developers to build their projects on its platform. Players will have the opportunity to experience verifiable transparency through Play-to-Own mechanics. GUNZ looks to grant players complete ownership of in-game items as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Off the Grid, the project that lets players drive gameplay in their own style, has attracted a lot of attention for allowing players to modify the game’s narrative through in-game decisions. The integration of GUNZ’s features into its system will be the first project to experience this heat.

GUNZ will be built on the Avalanche Subnet and is expected to provide a seamless experience, in-game tokens for gas fees, and an intuitive user interface, with attractive rewards in the near future. The development of Web3 gaming has been the driving force of the NFT industry and the blockchain sphere. Gunzilla Games and Avalanche taking their partnership productive and advancing while onboarding millions of users to Web3.

The play-to-own mechanics are not expected to affect the gameplay or narrative in any way. Instead, they aim to boost crypto-economics in the gaming ecosystem, making it more player-friendly. Gunzilla Games’ CEO and Co-Founder, Vlad Korolov, calls the in-game asset management system transparent, highlighting the goal of introducing market-standard features.

Emin Gün Sirer, the CEO and Co-Founder of Ava Labs, called these amazing additions to the new wave of Avalanche games, adding that Gunzilla Games’ plans are ambitious with the intention of migrating the best of Web2 to Web3 gaming space.

Avalanche Subnets aim to provide the best gaming experience. The recent partnership between Gunzilla Games and Avalanche Labs makes it even more evident. Avalanche has supported over 500 applications and secured transitions worth billions of dollars since its launch in September 2020, providing near-instant transaction finality.

Founded in 2020, Gunzilla Games is headquartered in Germany and has offices in Frankfurt, Los Angeles, and Kyiv.

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